Peripheral Influence/Periphere Einflüsse


May 6 to June 18, 2016

AKA & Kenderdine Gallery

Curated by Denise Parizek

In a geographically unlikely partnership,AKA artist-run and Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 have developed a 2-year exchange project inspired byland, water and geographic space. Peripheral Influence is the second exhibition organized between the two artist-run centres (the first To Space To Place, at Schliefmuhlgasse 12-14), in 2016 expanding with the Kenderdine Gallery at the University of Saskatchewan.

Parizek’s curatorial premise departs from the butterfly effect and the persistent influence of globalization. As an integral part of society, artists and curators have the power to affect change and reflect local and global conditions through their practice and the dissemination of their work acting as a kind of temporary migration, displacement and adaptation.

 The selection of Austrian artists Bogomir Doringer, Maria Grün, Agnes Hamvas,Michael Koch, Bernd Oppl, Astrid Sodomka and Franz Wassermannrepresents the cultural diversity of Europe on the one hand, the plurality of the Viennese art scene on the other.While the Canadian artists, Joi T. Arcand, Heather Benning, Zachari Logan, Clint Neufeld and Laura St. Pierre comprise diverse perspectives through practices addressing identity politics, growth and decay and personal histories.