Facilities Information

New Furniture: a quick pick list and information on furniture purchases can be found on the Facilities website here.

Facilities Requests: for quick fixes, to have pictures hung, coat hooks or shelves install, etc. complete a Facilities Request form on PAWS.

Custodial: offices are provided with a garbage and recycle bin that are emptied once per week. Direct custodial questions or concerns to (306) 966-4496 or fill out an Additional Custodial Services form on PAWS.

Keys: each unit has a key custodian, contact the Facilities Support Services for their contact information (facilities.keys@usask.ca or (306) 966-4700).

Building Hours: most buildings are open Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM with varying hours on weekends. All buildings are listed on the Facilities website here, opening and closing hours are provided for most buildings on the “View Map” page.

Protective Services: contact for any incident on campus, after hours building access, training and more at (306) 966-5555 (24-hr emergency assistance) protective.services@usask.ca (non-emergency).

Emergency Response Plan: for all buildings can be found on the Safety Resources website here.

In the case of emergency call 911

Questions or more information contact either Facilities SBA:

Gail McKenzie (306) 221-2998, gail.mckenzie@usask.ca
Spencer Smit (306) 229-6601, spencer.smit@usask.ca

Please note that your office may be entered from time to time by university staff to perform tasks such as custodial work, installations, maintenance & repair, space inventory, planning, and assignment.

Contact Information

Facilities Support Services
(306) 966-4496
Online form on PAWS

Protective Services
(306) 966-5555 (24-hr emergency assistance)
(email for non-emergency ONLY)

Safety Resources
(306) 966-4675

Arts & Science College IT Support
(306) 966-5507

Telephone Services
(306) 966-4567
Online form here

Parking and Transportation Services
(306) 966-4502