• Gift cards to the bookstore
  • Draw for a Muse, brain sensing headband
  • Draw for an Oculus GO VR headset

Draw Rules

Students can pick up an event passport at the Draw Table. Each time you have a conversation with a representative at a booth, you will receive a stamp in your passport. Each stamp will earn you 1 draw ticket. The more conversations you have with different booths, the more opportunities you will have to win.

Terms and conditions:

  • Must be an Arts & Science student to win
  • Submit passport to registration table before leaving

Discussion Questions

Here are a few ideas for questions you might use to start a conversation at a booth:

  • If I could take just one class from your department/ program, what should it be?
  • What are the main competencies I will develop if I major in your program?
  • What is some exciting research that is going on within your department?
  • What have been some career paths of past graduates from your program?
  • Is there a co-op or internship option within your program?
  • Who are some notable alumni that have gone through your program?
Want to learn more about career competencies?

Degree Works Training Session

Come to Arts 241 from 2:30-3 for an in-depth training session on degree our audit system, DegreeWorks. Your degree audit can provide you with the following information:

  • Your current progress toward your major;
  • How your earned credits would be used if you switch majors;
  • Where transfer credit is being used in your degree;
  • Courses that are ineligible for use in your degree;
  • Course offerings for upcoming academic sessions;
  • Final grades, registration status, student number, NSID, and academic regulations specific to your degree.

An academic advisor will lead a thirty minute session in which you will learn how to use the software and understand the information it contains.

Floor Plan