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Convocation Awards

Convocation Awards Dinner and Ceremony

At the annual Convocation Awards Dinner and Ceremony, the College of Arts and Science honours a select group of distinguished students and faculty members. Award-winning graduates from a diverse range of academic programs are among those recognized during the evening.

2018 Convocation Awards Dinner & Ceremony

Featured graduating students

Janelle Berscheid

Janelle-Berscheid Janelle Berscheid found "the perfect blend of creative thinking, logic and design" when she took her first computer science course. Read More

Mackenzie Dawson

Mackenzie-Dawson As a physiology and pharmacology student, Mackenzie Dawson discovered a passion for drama.

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Lizette Gerber

Lizette Gerber One of the most influential experiences of Lizette Gerber's undergraduate education was working with the University of Saskatchewan Undergraduate Research Journal. Read More

Branden Neufeld

Branden Neufeld The best part of Branden Neufeld's BSc studies was collaring black bears in Saskatchewan's Boreal Shield.

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Francois Roewer-Despres

Francois Roewer-Despres After graduating, Francois Roewer-Despres plans to research applications of artificial intelligence to health care. Read More

2018 Honourees


Courtney Megan Ballantyne
University Medal in the Social Sciences

Indigo Brodie
Rose Litman Medal in the Humanities

Robert P. Emes
Fall Convocation Three-Year Medal

Linda Muizniece
University Medal in the Fine Arts
Dean’s Medal
Judy Poole Award in Art and Art History

Joyce Alysia Verdouw
University Medal in the Sciences

Kristian Norman Curtis Yanke
University Medal in Arts and Science Degree


Lizette Gerber
Copland Prize in Humanities
Award for Excellence in English Studies

Abby Rebekkah Holtslander
Copland Prize in Social Science

Tanisha Paige Lutz
Spring Convocation Three-year Medal
Most Outstanding Graduate in Biochemistry

Tiess Patrick McKenzie
University of Saskatchewan Film Society Prize
Arthur Collingwood Convocation Prize in Music

Francois Roewer-Despres
Earl of Bessborough Prize in Science
Haslam Medal
Most Outstanding Graduate in Computer Science

Amber Dawn Ross
University Medal in Arts and Science Degree
Most Outstanding Graduate in Environment and Society


Angela Clare Faustina Couture
Most Outstanding Graduate in Languages,
Literatures and Cultural Studies

Mackenzie Hunter Dawson
Walter Mills Award in Drama

Brette Danielle Wilton Kristoff
The Braj Sinha Award for the Most Outstanding
Graduate in Religion and Culture

Jordan Mulligan
Department of Philosophy Convocation Award

Kevin Ray Winterhalt
Debrou Top Graduate Award in History


Brett Calla Anderson
Most Outstanding Graduate in Linguistics

Courtney Joanne Bowman
The Honourable Donald Alexander McNiven Prize in Political Studies

Micah David Andrew Boyes
Mabel F. Timlin Prize in Business Economics

Riane Christine Chalmers
Tania Balicki Memorial Award in Indigenous Studies

Mikayla Noel Coad
Most Outstanding Graduate in Archaeology

Meghan Elizabeth Flath
Gordon A. McMurray Prize in Psychology

Zoe Claude Fortier
Most Outstanding Graduate in Anthropology

Rebecca Katherine Hotsko
Lewis C. Gray Prize in Economics
Mona Lee Patterson
Department of Geography and Planning Convocation Award

Momo Sylvia Tanaka
Most Outstanding Graduate in Sociology


Kimberly Joy Dyck
Most Outstanding Graduate in Mathematics

Devon Ireland
W.P. Thompson Convocation Prize in Biology

Geoffrey Blair Klassen
Most Outstanding Graduate in Statistics

Tianzhu Lu
Most Outstanding Graduate in Physics

Michael Alexander Palmer
J.F. Morgan Memorial Award in Microbiology and Immunology

Nathan Raymond Regnier
Most Outstanding Graduate in Chemistry

Wesley James Montgomery Ridgway
Most Outstanding Graduate in Applied Mathematics

Joel David Scott
L.B. Jacques Convocation Award in Physiology and Pharmacology

Colton James Vessey
Ore Gangue Memorial Award in Geological Sciences

Chloe Sidney Woo
Most Outstanding Graduate in Anatomy and Cell Biology


Emily Audrey Barlas
Public Administration Program Convocation Award

Simone Reagan Debrowney
Most Outstanding Graduate in Interactive Systems Design

Samuel John Peter Germain
Most Outstanding Graduate in Bioinformatics

Kaitlin Gibson
Most Outstanding Graduate in International Studies

Angela Caley Howell
Most Outstanding Graduate in Biotechnology

Branden Trent Neufeld
Most Outstanding Graduate in Environmental Biology

Justin Pifko
Most Outstanding Graduate in Toxicology

Zachary Stephen William Pollock
Most Outstanding Graduate in Paleobiology

Amanda Lee Ronnquist
Most Distinguished Graduate in Environmental Earth Sciences

Cherise Joseph Schlekewy
Most Outstanding Graduate in Health Studies

Daniel Gordon Surkan
Regional and Urban Planning Program Convocation Award

Ryan James Thiessen
Most Outstanding Graduate in Mathematical Physics


Lindsey Banco
New Teacher Award in BA, BFA and BMus Programs

Bonnie Nicholson
Distinguished Teacher Award in BA, BFA and BMus Programs

Steven Rayan
New Teacher Award in BSc Programs

Past Convocation Awards Dinners


2017 Convocation Awards Dinner & Ceremony


College of Arts & Science Convocation Awards Dinner & Ceremony 2016


Formal group shot, award winners for fall 2014 and spring 2015 convocation