English Career Internship 2020

Research Posters

The English Career Internship provides fourth-year English majors with opportunities to practice their research, writing, and critical thinking skills in service to the community. These posters represent some of the research conducted by the English interns of 2020.

Posters are property of the student interns. For questions about the posters and projects, or permission to use this material in whole or in part, please contact english.department@usask.ca.

eng-496-poster-charyna.jpgSophia Charyna

University of Saskatchewan Department of English

“It’s not about literature. It’s about life.”

eng-496-poster-cook.jpgAlyson Cook

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan

"What's So Shakespeare About Reconciliation?"

eng-496-poster-torres.jpgGabrielle Torres

Inspired Minds

"Implementing Feminist Attitudes in Correctional Centers through Inspired Minds to Reduce Reoffending"

eng-496-poster-purves.jpgBryan Purves

Saskatchewan Literacy Network

"Analysis of the SLN Early Literacy Advancement Project"

eng-496-poster-fick.jpgBrandon Fick

University of Saskatchewan MFA in Writing

"The Immeasurable Value of an MFA in Writing"

eng-496-poster-dela-pena.jpgMiguel Dela Pena

University of Saskatchewan Library

“Reconciliation by Archival Means: Library of Congress Subject Headings in a Canadian Context”

eng-496-poster-lekach.jpgAshley Lekach

University of Saskatchewan Student Learning Services

“Academic Libraries: Accessibility and User Experience”

eng-496-poster-lenferna.jpgOlivia Lenferna

University of Saskatchewan Marketing and Communications

“Communicating to Build Community: How Communications Departments Can Help Create a Better Workplace”