Lise Sirois-Gormley

Lise was born and raised in Saskatchewan and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with degrees in Commerce and an M.A. in Economics. As a young mother, strongly committed to her family and two daughters, Lise balanced her studies with family. She then continued through graduate school and became a Sessional Instructor in Economics at the U of S. She was described by one of her professors as an enthusiastic and determined student, committed to learning as much as she could. She loved learning and saw its enduring value in her life and in the lives of her children, who have since graduated—one with a PhD in sciences and the other with a law degree. Lise moved to Edmonton to pursue doctoral studies and work with the Alberta Department of Finance, where she passed away in 2006 from cancer. Her daughters, Deirdre and Jill, and her former husband, John, have established the Lise Gormley Scholarship in Economics in her memory.

George E. Britnell 

Kenneth A.H. Buckley

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