Ruoyu Qian. Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Does Greater Export Diversification Contribute to Increased Economic Stability?

Adiba Shehraj. Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: The Impact of Regional Trade Integration on Trade Complementarity

Joshua Thomas. Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Impacts of Community Water Fluoridation Cessation on Early Childhood Caries: A Multi-Group Difference in Differences Analysis 


Kwabena Boateng Bediako. Supervisor: Professor E. Shao
Research Project: Return on Collateral, Target Deviation, and Interest Rate Corridor

Sara Latif. Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
Research Project: The Relationship Between Infant Mortality and Maternal Education in Pakistan

Ka Yi Sit. Supervisor: Professor D. Gilchrist
Research Project: The Incidence of an HST in Saskatchewan

Shabnaz Zubaid. Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Gender Differences in Time Use in Bangladesh



Felix Fosu. Co-Supervisors: Professor M. Chaban & A. Pollak
Research Project: Consumption Smoothing and Precautionary Saving for Norway and Canada

Biaka Imeah. Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Cost-Utility Analysis of Telehealth Collaborative Care Intervention for People with Chronic Low Back Pain Disorder in Rural Saskatchewan

Mingshi Kang. Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: Size and Asymptotic Power Performance of HAR Wald Tests Using Fixed-b Theory

Yuyun Li. Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Oil Dependence and Health Outcomes



Kamil Aliyev. Supervisor: Professor S. Moshiri
Research Project: Gasoline Demand and Rebound Effect in Canada

Mohsen Bakhshi-Moghaddam. Supervisor: Professor S. Moshiri
Research Project: Heterogeneous Effect of Oil Price Shocks in Canadian Provinces

Tofik Fite. Supervisor: Professor K. Foley
Research Project: The Role of Quality of Skills in Explaining Immigrants' Wage Gap in Canada

Cheng-Tai Hu. Supervisor: Professor J. Zhao
Thesis:A Quantitative Study of Alliance Structures in the Warring States of Ancient China, 453-221 B.C.

Bong Soo Kim. Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Electricity Price and Manufacturing Trade between Canada and U.S

Miguel Martinez-Santillan. Supervisor: Professor S. Moshiri
Research Project: The Effects of Energy Marker Reform on Household Consumption and Welfare in Mexico

Seth Owusu. Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: Finite Sample Performance of HAC Robust Wald Tests: Fixed-b Asymptotics and Moving Blocks Bootstrap

Nataliia Shaikhlislamova. Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Social Capital and Health Related Behaviour

Greg Thomarat. Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Incentive Structure in the NHL Under the New CBA

David Tran. Supervisor: Professor A. Pollak
Thesis: Measuring Unemployment Insurance Generosity and Efficiency

Xinlei Xu. Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Re-evaluation of the Environmental Kuznets Curve in China


Waseem Akram, Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: The Canadian Stock Market and Macroeconomic Fundamentals

Tsehaynesh Ashiber, Supervisor: Professor R. Lucas
Research Project: Does Inflation Targeting Matter for Emerging Economies: What Does the Data Say?

Samuel Baah, Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: The Stock Return-Volatility Relationship and the Impact of Macroeconomic Volatility: A Case Study of Yahoo! Inc.

Ling Chen, Supervisor: Professor S. Moshiri
Research Project: Crude Oil Price Determinants with a Focus on Speculation

Nana Duah, Supervisor: Professor S. Moshiri
Research Project: Changes in Energy Intensity in Canada (1981-2008)

Volodymyr Firman, Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: The Influence of Demographic and Socioeconomic Development on National Blood Reserves

Savreen Kaur, Supervisor:  Professor K. Foley
Research Project: Mental Disorders and Employee Absence in Canada: A Sensitivity Analysis of Alternative Measures

Ru Mao, Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Willingness to Pay for Children's Participation in Physical Exercise and Sports in Saskatchewan

Nazish Samad, Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: Association between Marijuana Use and Crime: Evidence from Self-Reported Data among Toronto Students

Farhana Shabnam, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Migration and Inward Foreign Direct Investment: Complements or Substitutes

Shuai Shao, Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: Foreign Direct Investment and Wage Inequality in China

Xi Wei, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: The Effect of Immigration on International Trade: Differentiated versus Homogeneous Goods


Nashiru Alhassen, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Effects of Labour Standards on Canadian Trade Performance

Luke Atazona, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Environmental Regulations and Canadian Trade Performance

Joseph Boateng, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Canadian Trade and the Sofia Protocol

Stephen Cook, Supervisor: Professor N. Sari
Research Project: The Impacts of Tuberculosis and Tuberculosis-Related Policies on Cost of Historical Saskatchewan Hospitals

Yue Dai, Supervisor: Professor J. Zhao
Research Project: Quality Selections and Leading Time in an Innovation Game under Vertical Differentiation

Man Hu, Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: The Regime Dependent Relationship Between the Canada-US Exchange Rate and the Canadian Stock Market

Tanveer Islam, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Trade, Institutions and New York Convention: A Panel Data Analysis of Canada’s Bilateral Trade from 1980 to 2000

Lyndon Jacek, Supervisor: Professor A. Pollak
Research Project: Solving DSGE Models: A Comparision of the Neural Network and Log-Linear Solution Methods

Qi Liu, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Quality of Institutions, Product Complexity and Extensive Margin of Trade

Mony Louk, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: The Role of Education on Zero Tillage Adoption

Omotooke Odeniyi, Supervisors: Professor C. Echevarria and Prof. N. Sari
Research Project: Socioeconomic Status and Risk of Malaria Transmission for Magugu Residents in Manyara, Tanzania

Chenchen Qu, Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Health Status and Household Production Time

Xiaoyu Qi, Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Returns to Foreign Education and Experience in Canada

Shervin Rahman, Supervisor: Professor M. Huq
Research Project: Empty Pockets – Broken Hearts: An Unemployment – Marriage Dissolution Nexus in Canada

Prince Selassie, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Homeowners’ Preference for Space Heating Fuel: a Discrete Choice Study on Canada

Hao Tran, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Business-Financed R&D verses Government-Financed R&D in OECD Countries

Qingyang Wang, Supervisor: Professor M. Chaban
Research Project: An Emperical Study on Real and Nominal Effects of Korean Monetary Shock


Mahzabin Akhand, Supervisor: M. Huq
Research Project: Effects of Parental Education on Postsecondary Enrolment: Forecast for Saskatchewan

Jason George Barnhart, Supervisor M. Chaban
Research Project: A Hedonic House Price Index for the City of Regina from 1992

Kirk Joseph Brecht, Supervisor: J. Zhao
Research Project: The Welfare Effects of Interregional Government Collaboration in a Mixed Oligopoly

Viktoriia Didkovska, Supervisor: N. Dygalo
Thesis: The Impact of Skill Matching on the Returns to Foreign Human Capital of Immigrants in Canada

Jin Gao, Supervisor: J. Zhao
Research Project:How Free Trade Agreements and Custom Unions affect Welfare of Large and Small Countries

Sara Hayati, Supervisor: S. Moshiri
Research Project: Natural Resources and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis

Shiguang Huang, Supervisor: J. Bruneau
Research Project: Free Trade Agreements and Foreign Direct Investments in Canada

Rahatjan Amanovna Judge, Supervisor: J. Bruneau
Research Project: The Effect of Environmental Regulations on Labour Productivity

Wenzhe Liu, Supervisor: J. Bruneau
Research Project: The Effects of WTO Accession on China's International Trade

Nafis Razzak, Supervisor: M. Huq
Research Project: Is There an Immigrant-Gap in Public Transport Use in Toronto?

Hossein Taslimi, Supervisor: S. Moshiri
Research Project: The Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Economic Growth in Oil-Exploring Countries: Test for Asymmetry

Hong Yang, Supervisor: M. Huq
Research Project: Immigrant Wage Gap in Saskatchewan


Tom Baldry, Supervisor: C Echevarria
Research Project: Diversity and Ethnic Inequality in Canada

Miao Liu, Supervisor: J Bruneau
Research Project: Structural Effect on Energy Intensity in China

Yang Liu, Supervisor: N Sari
Research Project: Health and Income Inequality: Evidence from Saskatoon Kindergarten Students

Matthew Maynes, Supervisor: A Pollak
Research Project: Stochastic Programming with Recourse: A Commodity Storage Problem

Tariq Shahriar, Supervisor: J Bruneau
Research Project: Enforcing Compliance In Emissions Trading When Transaction Costs Are Present

Klaudia Sieminska, Supervisor: M Chaban
Thesis: Diversification and Real Exchange Rate Hedging in EquityHoldings

Wihan van Heerde, Supervisor: N Dygalo
Research Project: Investigating Alternative Explanations of the Negative Relationship between Obesity on Income and Employment: Evidence from the CCHS


COLUMBOS, Anastasia, Supervisor: Professor D. Gilchrist
Research Project: The Redistributive Effects of a Saskatchewan Carbon Tax

COOK, Adam, Supervisor: Professor M Altman
Research Project: Experimental Investigations of the Inefficient Market Hypothesis: An Analysis of Herd Behaviour

GARZA, Edgar, Supervisor: Professor J Bruneau
Research Project: The Impact of Democracy on the Pollution Intensity of Production

HAWKINS, Daniel, Supervisor: Professor D. Gilchrist
Research Project: The Distributive Consequences of Harmonizing the Provincial Sales Tax with the Federal Goods and Services Tax

MEI, Xiaodan, Supervisor: Professor N Sari
Research Project: Health Impacts of Air Pollution in Canada

TUNCEL, Tuba, Supervisor: Professor J Bruneau
Research Project: Regional Trade Agreements and Pollution

WEI, Jing, Supervisor: Professor N Dygalo
Research Project: The Impact of Divorce Risk on Current Labor Supply of Married Women in Canada

YUAN, TianZi, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Foreign Direct Investment and Environmental Regulation in China

ZHANG, Xiaoqing Zhang, Supervisor: Professor J. Bruneau
Research Project: Energy Intensive Trade and the Composition Effect

1915 - 2009