Co-op Internships

Co-op internships are available to MA Economics students upon enrollment in the MA Economics with co-op designation degree. Internships are intended to complement study terms with work terms and to provide students with hands-on experience. Such internships are valuable for students seeking Canadian work experience and for students planning to enter the job market upon completion of the program. Companies participating in co-op internships gain an opportunity to observe students in the working environment. Such companies gain a first-mover advantage in the hunt for talent.    


MA Economics with co-op designation

  • The program is open to any MA Economics student with 70% GPA. There is no enrollment fee.
  • Each co-op placement is for 4 months (or 12-17 weeks)
  • At least one placement is mandatory for the degree
  • Co-op internship experience is an integral part of the program leading to the “MA Economics with co-op designation” degree.
  • A student can participate in a maximum of 3 co-op terms with the same or different employers
  • Co-op terms start in January, May, or September
  • Students can participate in consecutive co-op terms, or can alternate between study and co-op terms
  • Students on co-op terms register in Econ 987.0 Co-op Internships course and pay differential tuition. Students also required to maintain registration in Econ 990 and Econ 992 (or Econ 994)
  • At the end of each co-op placement, students are required to submit a written report to receive a credit for Econ 987
  • International students must obtain a Co-op Work Visa:
  • The first co-op placement can take place in May of the first year of studies, provided all required coursework is completed
  • Co-op terms can not exceed 50% of the time in the program
  • Reallocation costs are responsibility of students unless the host organization covers such costs
  • Co-op internships are full-time (37.5-40 hours per week) and paid by host organizations according to the market conditions.

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