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Important dates for 2018-2019:

Month Submission Deadline Publication Date Challenge Period Closes Notes
Please contact challenge.coordinator@artsandscience.usask.ca if you have any questions about deadlines for specific proposals.
August August 7 August 14 August 27 Deadline to submit a New Program/program revisions for programs with non-standard tuition.
Deadline to submit a New Course for 2019-20 that includes a mandatory fee in addition to tuition.
September September 4 September 11 September 24 Deadline for Special Topics courses for Winter term 2018-19.
Deadline to submit a New Program to be implemented in 2019-20.
October September 25 October 2 October 16
November October 30 November 6 November 20 Deadline for Special Topics courses for Spring & Summer Terms.
Last chance to submit minor course and program revisions (not requiring Faculty Council approval) to be included in the Program Catalogue for 2019-20.
December No Challenge
January January 2 January 9 January 22
February January 30 February 6 February 20
March February 26 March 5 March 18 Deadline for Special Topics courses for Fall term of 2019-20.
April March 26 April 2 April 14 Last chance to make changes to courses for implementation in Fall term 2019-20. This includes changes to prerequisites, co-requisites, restrictions, permission, credit units, and course number.
May - July No Challenge

Please contact challenge.coordinator@artsandscience.usask.ca with questions about deadlines for specific proposals.

University Deadlines

Please see the "Year at a Glance Memo" (under Course Challenge) for all University level deadlines. Please note that College approval is required before items are submitted to the University level approval process.