Student Success

CMRS 499 student publishes article

The 2017 edition of CMRS 499.6, a Study Abroad course taught in the UK by Drs Tracene Harvey and Brent Nelson with assistance from Dr Courtnay Konshuh, has produced this fine article written by one of our students, Jackson Hase, and Dr Rebecca Darley:

"Collections to think with: Collecting, scholarship and belonging in the R. E. Hart collection (Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery)," Journal of the History of Collections, 31 July 2019,

From the abstract:

"Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery has a nationally significant coin collection, thanks mainly to two bequests in the early twentieth century. The donation by R. E. Hart, a local industrialist, was made along with all his accompanying notes and books. This collection offers unique insights into the habits and aims of Hart as a numismatist, his wider network and the intellectual community of collecting."

A CMRS Study Abroad course is now a regular feature of our program, as CMRS 405.6, "Texts and Materials of Early European Cultures."


2019 CMRS student awards

Congratulations to our 2019 award winners:

Reid Andreae: the George Harmes Scholarship in Greek

Tiana Kirstein: the William Godfrey Sullivan Scholarship

Kristen Forest: 2019 Spring Convocation Most Outstanding Graduate in an Interdisciplinary Program (CMRS)