Chemistry: It's a Molecular World!

Chemistry is about understanding the world around us at the molecular level.

How do we harvest light to make energy?

How do we build molecules that cure disease?

How do plants protect themselves from pathogen attack?

To answer these types of questions, chemists study how molecules interact, how and why chemical reactions occur and how we can control these processes. As a result, chemists are at the forefront of scientific discovery in a wide variety of fields such as medicine, drug discovery, nanotechnology, new material design and the environment.
A degree in chemistry opens the door to a diverse array of employment opportunities, including jobs in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries, the environmental and material sciences and in emerging areas such as nanotechnology. At the same time, chemists develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that make them attractive to employers in careers outside science such as law and business.

Chemistry Programs

The Department of Chemistry offers several programs, ranging from a B.Sc. Honours degree which is the expected requirement for people pursuing a career as a chemist, to four-year, three-year, Double Honours and Minor degrees in chemistry for those interested in studying chemistry as part of their general education or in conjunction with another discipline.

Two of our programs - the B.Sc. Honours Chemistry and the B.Sc. 4-year Chemistry - are accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry. A degree from a CSC accredited program provides the academic credential for registration as a Professional Chemist in several Canadian provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario; chemist in Quebec), or for designation as a Qualified Person in the Province of Saskatchewan.

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Physical/Analytical Lab Manager
Dr. Valerie MacKenzie
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Organic Lab Manager
Dr. Marcelo Sales
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Inorganic Lab Manager
Dr. Alex Bartole-Scott
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1st Year/Environmental Lab Manager
Dr. Adrian Clark
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