Undergraduate Courses

Students taking chemistry as a major degree generally include Chem 112, Chem 115 and Chem 250 in their first year along with courses in physics, math and biology. A combination of Chem 112 and Chem 250 is recommended for students who intend to take programs in Life and Health sciences that do not require large amounts of chemistry while students in Engineering take Chem 142 and Chem 146.

Second year courses introduce students to the core chemistry subjects of analytical, biological, inorganic, organic and physical Chemistry.

Third and fourth year courses provide students with an opportunity to develop advanced specialization in a variety of different fields. Research courses are also available to students.

A list of courses offerings can be found below, and we recommend that you view or download the prerequisite flowchart for chemistry courses. You can link to more information for each course from the flowchart as well as from the list below. If you do not have the prerequisite for Chem 112, which is Chem 30, please see the Chem 112 Information page.

Course Offerings

Course Course Title offered in 2023/24 Term 1 offered in 2023/24 Term 2

100 Level Chemistry Courses

CHEM 100.3

Problem Solving Foundations for University Chemistry


CHEM 112.3

General Chemistry I Structure, Bonding and Properties of Materials



CHEM 115.3 General Chemistry II Chemical Processes check check
CHEM 142.1 Global Impact of Chemistry for Engineering check
CHEM 146.3 General Chemistry for Engineering check
200 Level Chemistry Courses
CHEM 221.3 Analytical Chemistry I check
CHEM 231.3 Inorganic Chemistry I check check
CHEM 242.3 Thermodynamics and Kinetics check
CHEM 250.3 Introduction to Organic Chemistry check check
CHEM 255.3 Bio Organic Chemistry check check
300 Level Chemistry Courses
CHEM 322.3 Analytical Chemistry II check  
CHEM 332.3 Inorganic Chemistry II check  
CHEM 334.3 Materials Chemistry*  
CHEM 344.3 Introductory Chemical Quantum Mechanics check  
CHEM 353.3 Organic Structure Analysis check  
CHEM 354.3 Physical Organic Chemistry*   check
CHEM 369.3 Synthetic Chemistry Practicum*  
CHEM 375.3 Environmental Chemistry   check
CHEM 377.3 Industrial Chemistry   check
CHEM 380.3 3rd Year Research check check
CHEM 398.3 Special Topics  
400 Level Chemistry Courses
CHEM 402.0 Seminar check check
CHEM 420.3 Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry   check
CHEM 430.3 Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry check
CHEM 435.3 Chemical Applications of Group Theory*  
CHEM 439.3 Organometallic Chemistry*   check
CHEM 440.3 Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry    check
CHEM 450.3 Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 479.3 Polymer Chemistry*
CHEM 482.3 4th Year Research check check
CHEM 483.6 4th Year Research check check 
*Course is typically offered every other year.