Degree Programs

The Department of Chemistry offers several routes into a B.Sc. degree specializing in chemistry:

B.Sc. Honours

The honours degree provides a comprehensive background for students and is considered to be essential for those who plan to pursue a career in chemistry or a related subject.

B.Sc. Four-year

The 4 year degree is a more flexible program incorporating a core of chemistry courses with some room for additional courses of interest outside of the field of specialization.

B. Sc. Three-year

The 3 year degree offers a basic understanding of chemistry.

Double Honours

The double honours degree allows for a concentration in chemistry along with a variety of second subjects of interest, including Biochemistry or Physics.

Minor in Chemistry

It is possible for a student to major in another discipline and minor in chemistry. The minor in chemistry provides students with a knowledge of the basic principles of chemistry.

Complete descriptions of these Chemistry programs can be found in the University of Saskatchewan's Calendar pages on Chemistry.