New Students

Once you have been offered admission and have decided to accept the offer, you should arrange accommodations, whether temporary or permanent, as soon as you can.


The University has several options available for on-campus housing, and you will find more information on their website.  On-campus housing fills up quickly each year, and there are often waiting lists, so you should contact the residence office as soon as possible.

Things to be aware of:

  • There are some restrictions in place, for example 1st year students are not able to take apartments in Assiniboine or Wollaston Halls.
  • The residence office will require a deposit from you to hold your room or apartment.  Ensure that you know the amount of the deposit, when it is required, and what methods of payment may be used (especially if you are an international student).

Off-Campus and Temporary:

There are many resources for finding off-campus housing, and as with any housing market, prices and the quality of housing vary across the city.  Some students arrange for temporary accommodations on their arrival and look for permanent housing once they arrive, as it can be a challenge to search for appropriate housing when you are in another province or country.

You will find information and links to resources here