Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

Located in the historic Thorvaldson building, its 1960s addition and the new teaching and research facilities of the 2003 Spinks addition, the Department of Chemistry is situated at the geometric and scientific heart of the University of Saskatchewan.

The current departmental staff including 19 faculty, 5 adjunct professors, 4 associate professors, 9 research associates, 7 postdoctoral fellows, 15 support staff, and approximately 70 graduate students are engaged in a variety of research programs that cover both the traditional and emerging, interdisciplinary areas of the chemical sciences.

Undergraduate students have access to a number of innovative programs and courses including a number of opportunities to become directly involved in research, either as part of their course work or through summer research grants and scholarships. The moderate size of the department also ensures students can develop strong interactions with their teachers and supervisors.

Research and teaching in the department is well supported with modern research instrumentation, including significant new facilities for biomolecular characterization and through its campus connections to the Canadian Light Source (CLS) and the Saskatchewan Structural Science Centre (SSSC) which provide research facilities that are unique nationally and globally.