Biology Departmental Seminars

Fall 2018



Seminar Title

September 20
September 27  Michael Wu A worm’s guide into how cells detect and respond to environmental stress (Vet. Biomedical Sciences, WCVM)
October 4
October 11
October 18 Dave Messmer Influence of climate on population dynamics and demography of ducks  (Clark Lab)
October 25
November 1
November 8 Margaret Eng Direct effects of agricultural insecticides on fueling and behaviour in seed-eating migratory songbirds (Morrissey Lab)
November 15

Melanie Boudreau (PhD Candidate - Trent University)

The cascading effects of risk in the wild: how snowshoe hares respond to the threat of predation
November 22
November 29 Jana Ebersbach Tracing a man-made hybrid zone in Columbian poison-dart frogs. (Chilton/Andres Labs)
December 6 Maartin Voordouw Lyme borreliosis and the ecology of a multiple-strain tick-borne pathogen (Vet. Microbiology, WCVM)
December 13 Yen Le New Perspective of Microtubule Function in Arabidopsis Thaliana (Ambrose Lab)