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Is the study of the past life ways of people and cultures through the physical remains that they have left behind. Whether it is pondering the purpose of an ancient Egyptian temple, investigating the mystery behind a 5,000-year-old burial or unraveling the stories surrounding an abandoned homestead, archaeologists employ a wide variety of techniques to answer questions concerning the past. Osteological analysis, geological interpretations, biological adaptations or sociological explanations - you name it, archaeologists use it!

  • EXPLORE the life ways of people long ago
  • UNRAVEL the mysteries behind past societies and civilizations
  • STUDY the past by exploring the possibilities for future research 
  • PARTICIPATE in the excavation of archaeological sites both at home and abroad
  • These OPPORTUNITIES and more are available to you when you choose to major in Archaeology at the University of Saskatchewan.


Is the comprehensive study of humans as cultural beings, past and present, in comparative, cross-cultural and holistic light. The Anthropology program at the University of Saskatchewan offers training that emphasizes the role of culture in human behaviour, and that exposes students to human evolutionary, environmental and language development and adaptation. The program demonstrates particular expertise in medical, environmental and applied anthropology, emphasizing Indigenous studies, globalization, the anthropology of gender, and psychological anthropology, with active research programs in local, international, urban, and institutional contexts.

  • EXPLORE the contemporary life ways of people around the globe.
  • UNRAVEL the mysteries behind human cultural behaviour.
  • SEARCH for the answers to the complex problems facing humans in a rapidly changing, globalizing world.
  • LEARN how we are all different, and how we are all the same!
  • These OPPORTUNITIES and more are available to you when you choose to major in Anthropology at the University of Saskatchewan.