Come and set sail with us as we head out on a Voyage with Vikings!  In this module, Adventurers will embark on a fantastical journey to learn all about Norse mythology and daily life.  Make a Kubb game set, weave a belt, write your name in runes, and learn about famous Viking explorers who ventured to new and faraway lands!  Join in on some old-fashioned Viking fun and have a roaring good time!


Learn all about the Viking way of life in today's lesson!

Vikings weren't always looking for land or loot! Join us for this lesson about the different ways the Vikings had fun.

Learn about how the Vikings wrote using the Futhark (an alphabet of runes) and how Vikings’ use of alphabets changed over time.


Tabletop Kubb

Now that you've learned how the Vikings relaxed from the Viking Pastimes lesson, you can create your very own Kubb set!

Fun Activities

Viking Runes Translating Activity

Viking runes don’t have to be complicated! Try out our runic translating activity and see how easy it is to become an expert!

Nine Men's Morris

Nine Men's Morris is an ancient game that has been around for so long that its origins have been lost to history! Not only did the Vikings play it, but so did the Egyptians and the Romans. Learn more about this game and follow the instructions to play it!


Even though the Vikings traveled the world by sea for over 300 hundred years, they left very few monuments behind. To understand their culture, many people tried to understand the runic writing found on their artifacts. This ancient language can be found inscribed on nearly everything, including stones, jewelry, weapons and even shoes!

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