In this immersive introduction to Ancient Rome, Adventurers will join the ranks of legendary Roman Emperors. Learn all about Roman soldiers, buildings, and bread while visiting Hadrian's Wall, the Aqueducts of Leon, Constantinople, and other destinations around the provinces of the world's most famous Empire!


Learn all about what bathing was like in Ancient Rome!

The Roman Colosseum is one of the most recognizable ancient buildings in Rome today.  Here we look at the origins and history of the building during the Roman Empire.

Join us in this lesson to learn the parts of a Roman coin and what this can tell us about Rome’s emperors.



Colosseum Pop Up Card

Bring a little piece of Ancient Rome to your home and learn how to make your very own pop up Colosseum!

Fun Activities

Design a Roman Coin

Now that you’ve learned the parts of a Roman coin, create your own!


Starting in 80 CE, over 50,000 people went to the Colosseum to see gladiators duel, animals fight and chariots race around the arena. For the grand finale they would flood water into the arena and stage naval battles called Naumachiae. Can you imagine?! They had gladiators in boats fighting each other to the death!

Life as a Roman legionary was pretty interesting! In this video, a real Roman soldier is interviewed by some very curious reporters who ask the most important questions and get the real scoop on what life was like inside the walls of the Roman fort at Housesteads in England.

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