Open to witches, wizards, and muggles alike! Have you ever wanted to experience the wonders of the Wizarding World? Are you interested in the science behind the magic? Adventurers visiting this module will learn all about how the people in ancient times viewed magic and witchcraft through astronomy, potions, medical plants, mythological animals, and more!


Tune in to learn about the history of alchemy, Nicolas Flamel, and the Philosopher's Stone!

Join us for a very special countdown about the top 5 inventions from the ancient world!

Join us for a very special countdown of the top 5 inventions from the medieval world!


Alchemist's Crystals 

Become an alchemist at home by growing your own crystals with just two simple ingredients!


Although not technically magic, this little box will certainly keep all of your treasures safe due to the seemingly magical puzzle mechanism!

Fun Activities

Have you ever wanted to destroy a giant serpent? Well, here's your chance. The giants, mosnters, and Norse gods have a battle called Ragnarok. During this battle, a great serpent emerges and swallows the city of Valhalla and spreads itself across the land. Will you be able to help Odin strike the mighty serpent with the fabled hammer?

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