In this module, marvel at the most amazing architecture of ancient temples and tombs, and get to know the cultures that created them, from the Near East, Egypt, and beyond! Adventurers will learn how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and why the Romans worshipped their gods in temples.


Welcome explorers! Today we'll be looking at the pyramids and what they tell us about the ancient Egyptian afterlife.

Today's lesson is about the coolest tombs from the ancient world! Learn about how the Romans, Etruscans, Greeks, and Egyptians buried their dead!


Sugar Cube Ziggurat

In this Ancient & Medieval Adventures craft, we'll be travelling back in time to Ancient Mesopotamia to learn about ziggurats and how they were made - only the ones you will make might be a bit smaller and sweeter than the great terraced temples of old!

Fun Activities

The Royal Game of Ur

Hear ye, hear ye! It has been declared that it is time for a challenging game of Ur. Want to play? Just follow these instructions!

Parthenon Colouring Sheet

Can you imagine the brilliant colours artists may have used on the Parthenon Frieze? Show us how you think ancient artists painted them in this fun colouring page!

Curator's Corner

Curator's Corner: The Parthenon

Join us for a brief discussion of the amazing Parthenon and the replica sculptures from the Parthenon Frieze in the Museum of Antiquities.


To learn how to make a mummy we have to travel back in time to ancient Egypt! 

Thousands of years ago when a Pharaoh died, they would take his corpse (that’s a dead body!) and mummify it (which basically means preserve it)! This video will walk you through how the ancient Egyptians preserved corpses by removing certain organs/body parts. 

While mummies definitely do not look like humans once mummified, they are still very well preserved! Scientists have been able to research them, find out how they died and learn so much about how people lived and died in Ancient Egypt.

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