In this fun module, Adventurers will come across some of their favourite fictional characters from classic folklore and maybe meet some new friends. Learn all about Aesop, the Brothers Grimm, and see how our favourite stories really haven’t changed all that much over the last three thousand years!


What's one thing heroes have in common? The hero's journey! Learn about this theory taht explains the structure of many ancient and modern stories that feature heroes.


Frog Prince Craft

Make your own frog prince without having to kiss a real frog!


A princess is helped by a mysterious talking frog. Can she help him too?

The Frog Prince

It’s story time!  A young princess is helped by a mysterious talking frog. Can she help him in return?  Click on the link to see our ebook on Calameo.


Fables are short stories that usually have talking animals as the main characters, which aim to teach kids a moral lesson. Aesop’s Fables are quite famous and include such recognizable tales as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, teaching us to tell the truth, and The Tortoise and the Hare, which teaches us about having patience! Aesop’s fables are some of the earliest (and longest lasting) examples of oral storytelling, and they are told and retold to this day!

In this Irish Mythology video, we meet Oisin, who is greeted by the immortal princess Niamh and the two eventually fall in love and start moving to the land of eternal youth. OIsin missed his home and decided to visit there. But here's the catch: Oisin would be leaving his youth if he does so. Watch this to learn about the myth of Oisin and hte land of eternal youth.

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