Academic Information

Department Resources

Department Library - The Urve Linnamae Library is located on the main floor of the Archaeology Building. It is a small collection, but contains resources that are specifically useful for undergrads, grad students, and faculty within the department. The library also houses some unique artifact displays.

Student Lounge - The Archaeology and Anthropology student lounge is on the third floor of the Archaeology building. It is open to all Archaeology and Anthropology students for studying and relaxing.

Student Involvement

AASA - The archaeology and anthropology undergraduate student society is a great way to meet other archaeology and anthropology students and be involved in department events throughout the year. AASA also hosts a bi-annual undergraduate conference.

Saskatoon Archaeological Society - is a chapter of the provincial organization. The group holds monthly meetings in the department and encourages undergraduate students to attend and participate in local events. An annual APALA membership also serves as an annual membership to the Saskatoon society. Check around the department for dates of upcoming events.

Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (SAS) - is the provincial archaeological organization. The SAS is devoted to education and conservation of archaeology in the province. The organization hosts an annual conference, plans various tours throughout the year, and offers many opportunities for volunteers, both avocational and professional, to take part in excavations. The SAS publishes the Saskatchewan Archaeology Quarterly and they have funding opportunities for students.

Other Useful Resources