Funding Opportunities

In the area of current financial assistance to Archaeology graduate students:

The University of Saskatchewan provides Graduate Teaching Fellowships amounting to $12,907 for an eighth-month period, for which it is expected that the student would teach a single class or its equivalent during the academic year. A research supplement of $1000.00 per month is available for summer field work. Teaching fellowships are not awarded to graduate students in their first year.

The University of Saskatchewan provides a limited number of graduate scholarships amounting to $16,000.00 per twelve-month period to qualifying students. There are no separate forms that you need to fill out to apply for a Graduate Scholarship at this university. Such applications are made by the Department on behalf of students who have applied for admission to its graduate program. At present an applicant must have at least an 80% average for the last two years of university work to be considered. If you think you might be eligible you must have all application materials in by 15 January of the year in which you wish to be considered.

Academic Student Assistantships are available at a salary of $18.51 per hour over 7 months. Hours to be determined by the department on a yearly basis but do not exceed 8 hours per week (maximum allowable employment for a Graduate Student is up to 12 hours per week).

The Alexander Vitkowski Bursary

To honour the memory of Alexander Vitkowski, his son has created a trust, the interest from which finances an award for a graduate student in Archaeology who has completed at least one year in the graduate program. The value of this award is approximately $400.00. The recipient will be chosen by the department on the basis of scholastic achievement and contributions to the archaeology program as a whole.

External Funding