SHIFT is a one-day conference to help prepare undergraduate students, graduate students and recent graduates for life after graduation while building professional networks. The conference features a variety of speakers, career panels and networking opportunities to help attendees explore options they didn’t even know they had.

SHIFT is free to attend for students, graduate students and young alumni from the College of Arts and Science.

Conference Details

Wednesday, February 26, 2020
USask campus (Marquis Hall and Louis’ Loft)
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Conference Schedule

2–3 pm Conference Check-in (Marquis Hall)
3–4 pm
  • Creating Top Cover Letters and Building Effective Resumes and CVs (Louis’ Loft)
    • This session will help students understand how to create job search documents that will make them stand out among other applicants when looking for a job. From how to write a cover letter, to which sections to include in a resume and the difference between a resume and a CV, students will leave this session with tools and resources to help them secure employment.
    • At the end of this session participants will:
      • Understand the purpose and structure of the cover letter and its role in an application for employment
      • Understand the difference between the three formats of a resume and will be able to determine which format best suits their unique needs
      • Be able to distinguish between a resume and a CV in the Canadian context and understand when to use each type of document

  • Working and Studying Without Borders (Marquis Hall)
    • Each year USask Arts and Science students take advantage of a variety of study abroad opportunities. Students who participate in these programs go on to be globally minded citizens, leaders and professionals in business who build, innovate, and who forge international partnerships for their communities. We give our students the world by giving the world to our students. In this session, well-travelled alumni and current students will talk about their experiences studying abroad. Participants are encouraged to bring any questions they may have about applying to study abroad, adjusting to life overseas, and questions regarding the different supports offered to them.
4–4:15 pm Break
4:15– 5:15 pm
  • Where can my degree in Arts and Science take me? Learn how to explore career possibilities (Louis’ Loft)
    • Sometimes we have to think outside-the-box to connect the dots between degree and career possibilities and to discover the opportunities that fit best. In this session, students will learn how to use online and offline strategies to identify career opportunities, know what to look for when evaluating options, and learn where to find the best resources.
    • At the end of this session, participants will understand:
      • How to research and evaluate career options and opportunities
      • Why world-awareness is such an important part of their career decision making
      • How to leverage both online (e.g. LinkedIn) and offline (e.g. informational interviewing) strategies

  • Self-Care and Managing Stress: Tips from Peer Health Alumni (Marquis Hall)
    • As recent graduates from USask, we have felt the changes that come with no longer being a student and the challenges that brings. We are constantly faced with different expectations from our multiple part-time jobs, our parents, our partners and ourselves. In this presentation, we hope to give you some useful tips on self-care, managing expectations and stress in these challenging times, from one millennial to another. Combined, we have more than five years of Peer Health education experience and we are happy to share some tricks of the trade with you.
      Facilitated by:
      • Shiney Choudhary (BA’18)
      • Elizabeth Waslen (BA’19)
5:15–5:30 pm Break
5:30– 6:30 pm
  • Non- linear Career Paths Panel (Louis’ Loft)
    • The alumni panel will be a chance for current students and young alumni to gain insight and advice from our panelists. It will give them an opportunity to see what kind of careers one can get with an Arts and Science degree and how sometimes a degree that you receive may lead you to a career in something you did not expect. Panelists include:
      • Thomas Milne (BA’08, MA’11, MD’17)
      • Kalli Youngstrom (BA’12, BComm’14)
      • Andy Yuen (BA’05, BE’05)
6:30 pm–7:30 pm
  • Student and Alumni Networking Reception (Louis’ Loft)
    • Join other undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni for an opportunity to network after the sessions. This networking session is hosted by Dean Peta Bonham-Smith. You’ll also receive a professional headshot to further build your online profile and personal brand!

      Wondering what to wear?

      The profile picture you use on networking platforms such as LinkedIn are a crucial part of your first impression with potential employers. We recommend that you dress professionally, wearing what you’d wear to a job interview in your field of work. Keep it simple (leave any bold or busy patterns at home), be professional yet comfortable, and look like yourself to best represent your personal brand!

Presenter and Alumni Bios

Session #1

Creating Top Cover Letters and Building Effective Resumes and CVs

Dawne Warner


Dawne Warner has a degree in Sociology from the University of Saskatchewan and an Ontological Coaching Certificate from the Newfield Institute. As an Employment Coordinator at the Student Employment and Career Centre, her experience in human resources and entrepreneurship supports her passion in supporting and advising students and alumni as they transition in their careers.

Working and Studying Without Borders

Alicia Johnson

Alicia Johnson is a former College of Arts and Science student and current fourth-year nutrition student who is completing her dietetic practicum in Regina. Johnson’s study abroad experiences include three months in Germany during high school, six weeks in Germany through Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) during the summer of 2015, three months in Uganda through Queen Elizabeth Scholars (QES) in the summer of 2017 and one month in China (Confucius institute) in the summer of 2019. This coming summer she will spend two months in Guatemala participating in a research project.

Picture of Carlos Muñoz

Carlos Muñoz Pimentel

Carlos Muñoz Pimentel is the current Vice-President Academic Affairs at the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union. His areas of focus are promoting student rights and responsibilities, assisting students with academic grievances, and collaborating with faculty in University-level academic committees related to areas in Teaching and Learning, Academic Programming, and Research. He is on his fourth year of Political Studies in the College of Arts and Science, and participated in a Study Abroad Political Studies course to Japan this past June.

Mary Stirling


Mary Stirling has a Bachelor of Arts in modern languages, primarily German, from the University of Saskatchewan. She studied abroad at Roskilde University in Denmark for six months, and also spent three months living in Austria studying German at the Deutsche Akademie Wien. As a former Study Abroad student, Mary is passionate about the benefits of international education. She enjoys working with incoming and outgoing students to encourage them to explore international educational opportunities. Mary is currently working as the recruitment and student advising officer for the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the University of Saskatchewan.

Session #2

Where can I go with my degree in Arts and Science? Learn how to explore career possibilities

Roberta Braid

Roberta Braid has a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Winnipeg. She has worked at the Student Employment and Career Centre for just over two years as a career counsellor, supporting students in exploring their career options, identifying goals and planning next steps.

Self-Care and Managing Stress: Tips from Peer Health Alumni (Marquis Hall)

Shiney Choudhary


Shiney Choudhary is a spring 2018 graduate with a BA in psychology and a certificate in criminology and addictions. She has been involved in various student groups and departments on campus, as well as with organizations in the community. She enjoys giving back to the community that made her feel welcome 4.5 years ago when she first arrived in Saskatoon. As a former international student, she continues to be involved in welcoming new international students and showing them the warmth of the city of Saskatoon despite the cold winter.

Elizabeth Waslen


Elizabeth is the social media coordinator at Peer Health USask. She previously facilitated the mental wellness group and continues to be passionate about mental health and normalizing strategies to prevent stress and burn out. A recent USask grad, Elizabeth is continuing her education in social work at the University of Regina.

Session #3

Non-linear Career Paths Panel

Thomas Milne

(BA’08, MA’11, MD’17)

Dr. Tom Milne, a family physician in Saskatoon, began his journey to become a medical doctor in the College of Arts and Science as a philosophy major, completing both a BA and an MA in philosophy before moving into the College of Medicine. His current interests include mental health and addictions, as well as the role of the humanities in medical education.

Kalli Youngstrom

(BA’12, BComm’14)

Kalli Youngstrom is a professional bodybuilder, nutritionist and weight management specialist who has embraced her love for health and fitness to build a successful international online health coaching business. With degrees in psychology and marketing, entrepreneurship was never Kalli's original plan; but, in following her passion and saying yes to opportunities as they welcomed themselves, Kalli has now had the opportunity to work with clients all over the world, created a six-figure company from her computer, and developed a social media support network of more than 35,000 people. By harnessing this momentum, Kalli continues to expand her horizons as an entrepreneur, most recently focusing on her newest labour of love, Kind Condiments, a health food company focused on creating better-quality condiments made of all natural ingredients.

Andy Yuen

(BA’05, BE’05)

Andy K. F. Yuen, P.Eng. is the owner and operator of the Odd Couple Restaurant in Saskatoon. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Andy immigrated to Wynyard, Sask., in 1996, before moving to Saskatoon in 1999 to attend the University of Saskatchewan, where he obtained a BSc in civil engineering and a BA in economics. Andy practiced as a civil engineer from 2005 to 2014, and has been a registered professional engineer (P.Eng.) since 2009. In 2014, Andy and his family opened Odd Couple Restaurant in Saskatoon. Andy is responsible for management, marketing, menu development, cost estimating and cost control.

Student and Alumni Networking Reception hosted by the Dean (Louis’ Loft)

Danielle Stasiuk


Branding and social media are two of Danielle Stasiuk’s current obsessions. Starting her photography career in the wedding industry, she met many clients who quickly turned into business acquaintances. Getting involved with the premier sporting event planner in Saskatoon allowed her to watch a company grow its brand identity from the beginning, with help of the images she was capturing for the company. Currently their reach extends from the Prairies all the way to Las Vegas with their NHL Fantasy Camps and corporate team-building charity events. The root of all great brands are the faces behind them. Having a great professional portrait is the best way to get noticed and stand out. Stasiuk works both on location and in her downtown Saskatoon studio to bring creative headshots and branding to life.

Conference FAQs

  • A notebook and pens to take notes at the sessions
  • A reusable water bottle and snack
  • Please note that the College of Arts and Science is not responsible for lost or stolen items so we recommend not leaving valuables unattended at the conference.

Registration opens at 2 pm on Wednesday. You should always try to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before the session you plan to attend, to give you time to register and to get into the session on time.

No, you are not required to attend all of the sessions. However, to get the most out of the event, we highly recommend that you attend as much of the conference as possible.

There are two workshops happening simultaneously during each of the three session timeslots. If none seem to fit exactly what you are looking for, stop by the Next Steps Hub to talk through your options, consider which might give you the most benefit and review the different speakers for each session to see if there is anyone you’d be interested in hearing from.

The best approach is to speak with them in person at the conference, where you can introduce yourself, discuss points of common interest and then ask them for their contact information. If you are not able to connect with someone in person, some of the speakers and alumni profiles will include links to their LinkedIn profiles. Feel free to follow up with these individuals online.

We encourage you to attend the session you signed up for when you registered. To help you decide which sessions to attend, you can read more about the sessions on the website, where you can review the speaker bios.

No, there is no dress code. However, this is your opportunity to make your best first impression, and the connections you make here may become your future employers or co-workers. Consider ways to make a positive impact.

Do you have a questions that wasn’t answered here? Contact us at