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The College of Arts and Science website and the Departmental and Unit websites are key elements of the College╩╝s global communications strategy. In a highly connected, electronic age, websites provide the opportunity to reach local, national, and international audiences.

Through its website, the College can present its educational and research programs, people, news and events to a wider public audience, targeting potential students and their parents, alumni and donors, and community partners. It also provides the means to connect with another important audience comprised of faculty, staff and students of the College, as well as the campus community as a whole. It is important to note that only material suitable for a general audience is posted on the College website. Internal documents are posted on the Arts and Science tab on PAWS where they can only be accessed by faculty, staff, and students.


College websites are developed and maintained by the Webmaster with the input and guidance from the College Website Committee.

The Website Committee consists of the College╩╝s Webmaster, IT Manager, and Director of Communications, Development and Alumni Relations (CDAR). The Committee reviews all website requests and revisions, taking into consideration IT resources, best practices in communications, and website design.

Websites are constantly under revision as material is updated and enhanced to keep up with changing needs. The Website Policies and Procedures Handbook will provide the information needed to submit a request for revisions or additions.





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