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at the University of Saskatchewan
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Dr. John McCannon


Dr. John McCannon
Associate Professor, History


Credits and Publications (click to view)

Background Information:
BA with Honors in History and Russian/East European Studies at Yale University (1989)
MA and PhD in History from the University of Chicago (1991, 1994).

1) Russia
2) Siberia
3) Russian Arctic
4) Exploration and Development
5) Art and Popular culture

Areas of Graduate Supervising:
1) Modern Russia
2) Siberia and the Arctic
3) Native Siberians

Program of Research:
History of Russian expansion into and geographical imagination of Siberia and the Arctic.

Projects (last five years):
Research into Stalinist Arctic policy (including treatment of native Siberian)
Biography of Russian painter and explorer Nikolai Roerich (including attempt to co-opt shamanic and Buddhist belief systems of native Siberians and Asiatic peoples in Russia).

1) Archival Research
2) Qualitative

Communities Involved in Research (last five years):
Native Siberian communities.