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Welcome to the Native Research Database,
a project sponsored by the Institute of Aboriginal and Indigenous Graduate Student Research (IAIGSR)


In our increasingly interdisciplinary academic world, the level of cross-departmental collaboration has certainly increased over the past few decades. Yet physical and ideological spaces still separate many aspiring and professional scholars. Taking the initiative to provide bridges for these gaps, this cyber-space has been created to provide an arena where academics can come together and share their research, thus creating important synergies. Its viability, however, depends upon voluntary participants to maintain an interest in this website, as all the information has been submitted by those people interviewed.

This website has been created to highlight the work that graduate students and professors at the University of Saskatchewan are involved in with regard to topics that include the study of and collaboration with Aboriginal Peoples, both in Canada and abroad. Sponsored by the new Institute for Aboriginal and Indigenous Graduate Studies and Research (IAIGSR) , this website has been designed to fulfill a number of purposes. The main impetus for this website was to create a searchable online database of professor and student research; consequently, we've been able to twist over eighty-five people's arms and get them to fill out a questionnaire. Yet this website includes so much more that can help spur academic resesarch. A brief description of all the aspects can be found in the how to use this website section.

This website relies wholly on voluntary participation by its visitors. If you have any questions, comments, would like to add something to our new or events, or would like to fill out a questionnaire and become part of the database, feel free to contact us.