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Finding and Registering for Arts & Science Courses

Any course listed under Arts & Science in the University Calendar is acceptable for credit towards an Arts & Science degree, but each different major and program have some specific course requirements which students must complete to earn a degree. Requirements for Arts and Science programs is available at:

In order to register for courses, students must sign in to PAWS, then:

Transfer courses: if you are transferring to Arts and Science from another college, some of the courses taken in the other college may count toward your Arts and Science program. See the Transfer Courses list to determine which courses are eligible.

Subject Deficiency

Applicants who have been admitted with a subject deficiency must remove the deficiency before they can proceed to the second year. The deficiency may be waived if the student achieves a Weighted Average of 65% in the first 30 credit units of study, unless the deficient course is required as a prerequisite to university courses which the student chooses to take. Such applicants should contact the Undergraduate Office during their first year of study.

Additional Information

For additional information on how to select courses to meet program requirements, students may contact

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