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A Welcome Message from the Dean

My warmest welcome to you to the College of Arts & Science! The Arts & Science community has an historic legacy - founded in 1908, we are the oldest college at the University of Saskatchewan. But we have changed with the times - from an initial 70 students in the college, to a current 8,000 students. It’s true that this is a vast community, but we see you in it: you’re now a scholar and a researcher. You’re going to meet new friends here. You’ll have some wonderful instructors whom you will never forget. Wherever you want to go in life, you can get there from here.

With its unique disciplinary breadth, the College of Arts & Science exists to stimulate creative and critical thought, foster the joy of discovery and nurture curiosity-driven research. Collectively, we strive to advance the individual, embrace diversity, enrich society, and preserve culture, while creating a sustainable civil world and natural environment.

You’re now part of all of this, and we are very glad to have you here. Our community of faculty and staff are here to guide and enrich your experiences as a student. You’ll learn skills in leadership, research, critical thinking, communications, problem solving, and team building. These skills will transfer to everything else you will do in life - any oral or written communications, any relationship, and any career choice.

While the classroom experience is a fundamental part of the education you’ll receive here, we also offer a diverse array of other ways to learn: study abroad programs, experiential learning opportunities, peer mentorship initiatives, and learning communities. The Arts & Science Students Union guides many active student societies, and there are plenty of ways to get involved in student life.

Our campus is a big place, but there’s a place for you in it. Even if you’re not sure right now what field you’d like to study, or what your major should be, Arts & Science is the place for you. We have almost 60 departmental and interdisciplinary programs from which to choose. But with all of the choice out there, why an Arts & Science degree? In addition to the figures that support the financial reasons for getting an Arts & Science education, think about this:

Aside from the demonstrable value of a university degree to you, consider that the world faces many significant and urgent problems that you, or people now your age across Canada and beyond, will be the ones to solve. Consider, too, that although we don’t know the answers to them - famine, poverty, inequalities of all kinds, health funding, political instability, water security, environmental sustainability, reproductive ethics - we do know one thing: they will not be solved by a single person working in a single discipline or profession.

They will be solved by many people from many disciplines working together, bringing to the table what they’ve learned in the humanities, in the social sciences, in the fine arts and in the sciences. This suggests that the many programs we offer in the College are of crucial value. It also reinforces that we’re in a unique position because, under our one roof, we contain more disciplines than any other college in the country.

So again, my warmest welcome to you. I hope that you drop by my weekly Dean’s Student Open Door, every Wednesday from 4 to 5 p.m. in Arts 226. Also, stop in to visit our Student Office in Arts 265 - we have excellent advisors with whom you can meet.

Peter Stoicheff, Ph.D.
Dean and Professor
College of Arts & Science

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