Welcome Graduate Students!

Graduate Chair: Dr. Hongming Cheng

The Department of Sociology offers a thesis and non-thesis program leading to a Master of Arts (MA) degree in Sociology and a thesis-based PhD program. The program of study for candidates in MA and PhD programs is prepared to suit the individual student's needs and interests. This generally requires a combination of rigorous training in the areas of theory and methodology, and elective courses in the candidate's area of interest. MA students should expect to take one to two years to complete the degree requirements, and PhD students should expect to take three to four years to complete degree requirements. 

Graduate student enrollment in the Department is at a level that provides flexibility and extensive student-faculty interaction. Presently, there are 50 graduate students enrolled in the MA and PhD programs with 12 faculty members who are actively involved in research. To get an idea of faculty research, please visit oPublishur faculty page.

If you are interested in applying to the Department of Sociology, please contact a faculty member in the field of study that interests you. Explore the website to discover the research areas in the Department, and the requirements for the programs. Basic application requirements for a MA degree in Sociology is a BA Honours degree and an average of at least 75%.