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The SAP Experience

What teachers are saying:

“My students were engaged and enchanted!”

“The experiments were interesting and also helpful to me. We had fun, and I learned a bit more — and every bit counts!” 

“It was said around the community that the girls were willing to go ‘above and beyond’ to help the kids in the school.”

”This is a truly valuable program. Spending time with the Ambassadors has opened a world of possibilities and dreams for my students.”


What our Science Ambassadors are saying:

“This experience gave me a chance to experience what it means to be a good teacher, to ask why phenomenon that we may take for granted happen, and challenged me to explain this clearly to kids at different levels of development.” - Sanjie Jiang, Fond du Lac

 “The kids told their parents about us and about the projects we did in class, which helped the community understand us and help us at the school. I truly enjoyed meeting these people, and seeing the beauty of the land and community!” - Kara Friesen, Wollaston Lake

 "This was a wonderful experience. It further solidified my interest in becoming a physician and emphasized the importance of communication and education in that career. I especially enjoyed the small town hospitality and it gave me a new appreciation for the importance of fostering and supporting the work of passionate educators.” - Jimmy Lam, The Pas & Opaskwayak Cree Nation

 “Living in a community for 6 weeks, we had a lot of communications with a lot of local people and it was great how we came to understand each other. They shared a lot of new experiences that I had never faced, and I know a lot more about Canada now.” - Kai Ni, Green Lake


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The SAP Experience

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