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Meet our Science Ambassadors

Our Science Ambassadors are senior undergraduate and graduate students studying science, engineering, agriculture and bioresources, and health sciences. They have strong academic backgrounds, excellent communication skills, and loads of enthusiasm for hands-on science to share with teachers and youth!

"Some scientists are among the most awestruck witnesses to
the glories of the unfolding universe and among its most eloquent guides."
- John Mohawk (Sotsisiwah) Iroquois Elder and senior Smithsonian Scholar

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2013  Science Ambassador Li Wang wins a National Science Volunteer Award! Read More >>

2012  Science Ambassador Janel Healey heralded as 'Young Innovator' Read More >>

Ambassadors 2016
  • Kumkum Azad (Bangladesh) MSc. Biology
  • Aida Baumann 4th Year, Geography 
  • Harshina Brijlal (S. Africa) 4th Year, Secondary Science
  • Kelly Doud 2nd Year, Biology
  • Mohamed Kassem (Egypt) 4th Year, Computer Science
  • Jay Kim 3rd Year, Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Hyemi Kim  2nd Year, Biochemistry
  • Cree Longjohn 3rd Year, Renewable Resource Management
  • Franco LeRoux (S. Africa) B.Sc. Biochemistry, Secondary Science
  • Brayden McDonald MSc. Geology
  • Gen Zha (China) BSc. Biochemistry, Law
  • Mackenzie Moleski 3rd Year, Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Venkata Pasupulleti PhD. Veterinary Biomedical Science
  • Sara Patenaude 2nd Year, Pharmacy & Nutrition
  • Fahd Hussain 3rd Year, Civil Engineering
  • Hui (Jane) She (China) PhD. Civil Engineering
  • David Wei (China) BSc Chemistry, M. Economics
  • Helen Tang 3rd Year, Physiology & Pharmacology
  • Christine Taylor (Jamaica) MA. Agricultural Policy
  • Ahmad Ghadyani (Iran) BSc. Physics, MA. Philosophy
  • Marzieh Eskandari (Iran) BSc. Physics, MA. Philosophy
  • Samuel Simonsen 3rd Year, Pharmacy & Physiology
  • Colleen Ducharme, UCN Education
  • Emy Young, UCN Education
Our 2015 Science Ambassadors
  • Elvira Knorr (Russia) 5th yr. Chemistry/Education
  • Armugan Ashraf (Bangladesh) 3rd yr. Biology
  • Jessica Popp (USA) M.Sc. Biology
  • Jerry Wang (China) M.Eng. Electrical
  • Joshua Nash 4th yr. Biology
  • Sara Kuleza M.Sc. Biology
  • Sara Mansouri MSc Computer Science
  • Helen Tang 2nd yr. Biochemistry
  • Mitchell Cassidy 3rd yr. Civil Engineering
  • Franco LeRoux (S. Africa) B.Sc. Biochemistry
  • Taraneh Kazerouni (Iran) D.Eng. Electrical
  • Aravind Ravichandran (India) 2nd yr. Physics
  • Derek Green M.Sc. Toxicology
  • Neil Patel 4th yr. Kinesiology/Arts
  • Amir Abolhassani (Iran) M.Eng. Chemical
  • Mary Tait M.SEM / HB.Sc. Chemistry
  • Joel Reimer 3rd yr. Math/Education
  • Amandeep Sangha (India) M.SEM./ Agricultural Eng.
  • Nicole Cameron M.Sc. Kinesiology
  • Mahsa Mafi (Iran) M.Eng. Biophysical

  • Ashley McNeil 3rd yr, Kinesiology
  • Jacinda Chow 4th yr, Science Education/Biotechnology
  • Neil Patel 4th yr, Kinesiology/Arts
  • Mary Tait  M.SEM. SENS, HBsc. Chemistry
  • Franco LeRoux (S. Africa) 3rd yr, Biochemistry
  • Kai Zhou (China) M.Sc. Geology
  • Nicole Baldwin 4th yr, Toxicology
  • James Wattam (Scotland) 4th yr, Mechanical Engineering
  • Gen Zha (China)  3rd yr, Biochemistry
  • Ranajan Datta (Bangladesh) Ph.D. SENS
  • Ashlynn Harms 2nd yr, Biology
  • Victoria Millette 3rd yr. Geology
  • Chetan Amble (India) Ph.D. Curriculum Studies, MSc. Microbiology
  • Elvira Knorr (Russia) 4th yr. Chemistry/Science Education
  • Brianne Denning 4th yr. Education
  • Nathan Oakes 4th yr. Biophysiology

Our 2013 Science Ambassadors

Our 2013 Science Ambassadors

  • Amir Abolhassani (Iran), Doctoral Candidate, Chemical Engineering
  • Emily Anderson, 4th year, Mechanical Engineering
  • Davida Bentham, 4th year, Geography and Northern Studies
  • Kara Friesen, 4th year, Agriculture and Food Science
  • Mohamed Kassem (Egypt), Master Student, Physics and Engineering Physics
  • Elvira Knorr (Russia), 4th year, Chemistry
  • Jimmy Lam (China), 4th year, Biochemistry
  • Sara Mansouri (Iran), Masters Student, Computer Science
  • Kai Ni (China), 4th year, Civil Engineering
  • Neil Patel, 4th year, Kinesiology/Arts
  • Louis Poon, Masters Student, Chemistry
  • Satareh Shakharami (Iran), Doctoral Candidate, Geological Science
  • Sepideh Shakharami (Iran), Doctoral Candidate, Chemical Engineering
  • Mary Tait, 1st year Arts & Science (HBSc. Cape Breton University)
  • Shana van den Heuvel, 5th year, Secondary Science Education (BSc. Chemistry)
  • Li Wang (China), 5th year, Arts & Science (MSc. Chemistry)
  • Raylene Willms, 5th year, Secondary Science Education (HBSc. Chemistry)

Our 2012 Science Ambassadors

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