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The Culture and Human Development Program is an interdisciplinary program that combines expertise in social and developmental psychology and medical, psychological, and cultural anthropology.

It has five core faculty members and several affiliates from other programs and departments.  The program offers both Masters and PhD degrees in psychology and provides students with the skills and knowledge to conduct social scientific research in cultural contexts; locally, nationally, and internationally.

The research interests of the members of the program include but are not limited to cultural and cross-cultural research on development, health and well-being, Aboriginal health, disability, cancer, education, immigration and acculturation.  Faculty and students engage in local, national, and international research, employing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. 

The program receives 12-15 applications every year and 2-4 students are typically accepted.  One of the important documents for students' admission is their statement of interest where they need to articulate very clearly why they want to enter the program and their goals for futher studies.

Experience in conducting independent empirical studies in psychology or in any other social sciences, together with good academic standing, is another factor considered for admission.  Letters of reference are also important in our evaluation of students' potential for academic research.  For the international student, proficiency in English is very important, so scores for ESL tests should be high.

The academic courses in this program emphasize and value intellectual flexibility and openness to diverse approaches and philosophical thinking.  We respect students' independent thinking, self-determination, and dedication.

It is a good idea for applicants to contact several program members to enquire about the compatibility of their interests and research plans.  Some of the professors may not be available for graduate supervision.  In some cases the supervisor may be assigned by the program.  During the course of their program students may change their supervisors if warranted.

Scholarships from national and international funding agencies have high prestige and importance during the admission process.  High grades are important to secure funding from the Department, University, or funding agencies.

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