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The Cognition and Neuroscience Graduate Program is intended for students who wish to focus primarily on basic research and theoretical issues, as opposed to applied training. The program currently offers graduate training in cognitive science and neuroscience.

The Master's degree requires at least 15 credit units and a thesis and may be completed within one year, although most students take longer. The Master's thesis researh will be designed in consultation with each student's advisory committee early in Year 1. One goal of the Master's thesis research is the production of a "publishable unit" of substantial research in the first year of study. The document presenting this research constitutes the qualifying exam for transfer to Ph.D. The qualifying examination will be written in the format of a paper to be submitted for publication following American Psychological Association style (with any necessary appendices requested by the committee). Advisory committee members will evaluate the examination paper. The paper will not be filed with the College of Graduate Studies and Research, nor with the University Library, but a Departmental copy will be retained. At the end of the first year of Master's studies, students who qualify, based on course and research performance, will be recommended for transfer to the Ph.D. program.

For students who do not transfer to Ph.D. studies, the research conducted in connection with the qualifying exam normally will form the basis of the Master's thesis to be completed in the second year. For students who do transfer to the Ph.D., the research conducted in connection with the qualifying exam normally will become part of the Ph.D. dissertation. In addition to the dissertation, the Ph.D. requires completion of at least six additional credit units of course work beyond that required for the Master's degree and comprehensive examinations. For students who transfer to the Ph.D. program after the first year of studies, the minimum period to complete the program is two years. Recommendation for transfer to Ph.D. (Form 206) will be accompanied by a new program of study corresponding to the requirements for the Ph.D.

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