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Current Undergraduate Courses

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ASTR102 - Intro to Galaxies & Cosmology

Instructor - Dick Time-MW 03:30pm-04:50pm Room-TBA Term-1

ASTR103 - Descriptive Intro to Stellar Astronomy

Instructor - Vishniac Time-T,Th  11:30am-12:50pm Room-PHYS103 Term-2

ASTR213 - Astronomical Spectroscopy

Instructor -Pywell/Shadick Time-MWF 12:30pm-01:20pm Room-PHYS127 Term-1

ASTR 214 - Analog Signals and Systems

Instructor -Degenstein Time-T, Th 10:00-11:20am Room-Phys 103 Term-2

ASTR 312 - Not offered

Instructor - Time- Room- Term-

ASTR411 - Gravitation and Cosmology

Instructor -Dick Time-T,Th 11:30am-12:50pm Room-PHYS128 Term-2

EP228 - Computer Tools for Engineering Phys

Instructor -Bourassa Time-MWF 10:30am-11:20am Room-PHYS127 Term-2

EP253 - Foundations of Modern Physics

Instructor -Zulkoskey Time-W  01:30pm-3:50pm Room-PHYS 45 Term-1

EP311 - Electronics I

Instructor -Bourassa Time-MWF 08:30am-9:20am Room-PHYS126 Term-1

EP317 - Applied Physics of Materials

Instructor -Yao Time-T,Th 1:00-2:20pm Room-PHYS127 Term-2

EP320- Discrete Linear Systems & Applied Info Theory

Instructor -Degenstein Time-T,Th 11:30am-12:50pm Room-PHYS127 Term-2

EP324/P323- Mechanics IV

Instructor -Xiao Time-MWF 09:30am-10:20am Room-PHYS126 Term-1

EP413- Instrumentation & Design

Instructor -Hussey Time-T,Th 10:00am-11:20am Room-PHYS127 Term-1

EP414- Insturmentation Laboratory

Instructor -Hussey Time-W 01:30pm-5:20 pm Room-PHYS 42 Term-1

EP421- Optical Systems & Materials I

Instructor -Bradley Time-MWF 11:30am-12:20pm Room-PHYS127 Term-1

EP495- Capstone Design Project

Instructor -Rangacharyulu Time-T,TH 11:30am-12:50pm Room-PHYS 127 Term-1&2

PHYS115-01- Physics & the Universe

Instructor -Zulkoskey Time-MWF 11:30am-12.20pm Room-PHYS107 Term-1

PHYS115-02- Physics & the Universe

Instructor -Pywell Time-T,TH 10:00am-11:20am Room-PHYS107 Term-1

PHYS115-03- Physics & the Universe

Instructor -Ghezelbash Time-MWF 10.30am-11.20am Room-PHYS107 Term-1

PHYS117-1- Physics for the Life Sciences

Instructor -Zulkoskey Time-MWF 11:30am-12:30pm Room-PHYS107 Term-2

PHYS117-2- Physics for the Life Sciences

Instructor -Zarifi Time-T,TH 10:00am-11:20am Room-PHYS107 Term-2

PHYS125- Physics & Technology

Instructor -Moewes Time-MWF 12:30pm-01:20pm Room-PHYS103 Term-2

PHYS127- Intro to Quantum & Relativistic Phenomena

Instructor -Chang Time-T,Th 11:30am-12:50pm Room-PHYS107 Term-2

PHYS155- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism

Instructor -Koustov Time-T,Th 01:00pm-02:20pm Room-PHYS107 Term-2

PHYS155- Introduction to Electricity & Magnetism

Instructor -Xiao Time-T,Th 02:30pm-03:50pm Room-PHYS107 Term-2

PHYS223- Mechancs I

Instructor -Ghezelbash Time-MWF 08:30am-09:20am Room-PHYS126 Term-2

PHYS252- Foundation of Modern Physics

Instructor -Steele Time-MWF 08:30am-9:20am Room-PHYS103 Term-1

PHYS352- Concepts of Radiation Physics

Instructor -Chary Time-T 07:00pm-10:00pm Room-PHYS127 Term-2

PHYS356- Intermediate Electromagnetism

Instructor -Moewes Time-T,Th 08:30am-09:50am Room-PHYS126 Term-2

PHYS371- Statistical & Thermal Physics

Instructor -Tanaka Time-T,Th 08:30am-09:50am Room-PHYS126 Term-2

PHYS381/383- Quantum Mechanics I

Instructor -Steele Time-MWF 10:30am-11:20am Room-PHYS128 Term-1

PHYS402- Techniques of Theoretical Physics I

Instructor -Tanaka Time-MWF 10:30am-11:20am Room-PHYS128 Term-2

PHYS404- Techniques of Experimental Physics

Instructor -Chang/Bradley Time-WF 01:30pm-05:20pm Room-PHYS128 Term-2

PHYS452/851- Subatomic Physics

Instructor -Pywell Time-MWF 09:30am-10.20am Room-PHYS128 Term-2

PHYS461/861- Physics of Plasmas & Fluids

Instructor -Smolyakov Time-T.Th 11:30am-12:50pm Room-PHYS126 Term-2

PHYS470- Solid State Physics

Instructor -Tse Time-T,Th 8:30am-9:50am Room-PHYS127 Term-2

PHYS481/883- Quantum Mechanics II

Instructor -Dick Time-T,Th 08:30am-09:50am Room-PHYS128 Term-1

PHYS482- Quantum Mechanics III

Instructor -Dick Time-T,Th 10:00am-11:20am Room-PHYS128 Term-2

PHYS490- Seminar

Instructor -Rangacharyulu Time-Th 02:30am-04:30pm Room-PHYS127 Term-1&2



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