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Some of the progress made in the group is highlighted

Sample Photographs


Electric field aligned growth of carbon nanotubes


Carbon nanotubes have been observed to grow along the direction of local electric field which is not normal to the substrate at the edge. SEM images showing CNTs at different locations on a negatively biased substrate: (a)  top-left corner,  (b) top edge,  (c) top-right corner,   (d) left edge, (e) center, (f) right edge, (g) bottom-left corner, (h) bottom edge,  (i) bottom-right corner.


Nanocones of diamond and related materials

SEM images of nanocone thin films grown under different deposition conditions (a) daimaond, (b) graphite, (c) diamond and graphite composite). Each cone has a nanosize sharp tip and micron size root. Field electron emission (FEE) properties have been investigated.



Diamond coating on steel alloys

Surface images of diamond films grown for 4 h on Fe-15Cr (a) and Fe-15Cr-5Al (b). Figure (c) shows the morphologies of diamond films grown on Fe-15Cr-5Al for 12 h at different magnifications. Raman spectra corresponding to the above three surfaces are presented in (d).

Synthesis of  Tungsten Nanorods



SEM of morphology change with the tungsten hot filament temperatures. (a) at 1600 C; (b) at 1940 C; (c) at 2000 C; (d) at 2160 C.



Light emission from porous (nano-void) silicon




Electroluminescence Spectra of Bandstructure-Engineered Silicon


Magnetic Processing