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Welcome to the U of S Plasma Physics Laboratory

The U of S PPL is a leading Canadian plasma physics research group, specializing in magnetic fusion and plasma processing. We encourage you to follow the links to the left and explore our work.

The Plasma Physics Laboratory at the University of Saskatchewan was established in 1958 by Dr. H. M. Skarsgard (now Emeritus Professor) and early experimental work was centred around the study of electron acceleration in the Plasma Betatron. These early experiments led to the study of plasma turbulence and some of the earliest work on turbulent heating in toroidal geometry. Successful experiments in toroidal turbulent heating, which resulted in keV electron temperature, led to the construction of STOR-1M, Canada 's first tokamak (1983) and was soon followed by a larger tokamak, STOR-M (1987) which is still active. Both machines have been used to carry out unique experiments including turbulent heating, ac (alternating current) tokamak operation, plasma biasing, anomalous transport, and Compact Torus (CT) injection. Currently the STOR-M is the only device in Canada devoted to magnetic fusion research. PPL is a member of IAEA CRP (Collaborative Research Projects) of small tokamaks. Read more

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