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The Observatory

Observatory facilities at the University of Saskatchewan are available for use by both university students and visitors to the campus. The telescopes and other scientific equipment are used by university students during the laboratory component of their courses. University personnel regularly offer tours of the observatory to elementary and high school classes, youth groups and other community associations. The Observatory is staffed year-round on Saturday nights so that any visitor may view celestial objects through the telescope.

The campus observatory was constructed in two phases between 1928 and 1930, at a cost of approximately $23,000. University funding was supplemented by private donations. A plaque with the names of many donors still hangs inside the dome of the observatory. Saskatoon residents will find many of the names highly recognizable even today.

Saturday Open House

The Observatory is open year-round, free of charge, on Saturday nights so that any visitor may view celestial objects through the telescope. Visit the Hours Schedule for more info, or phone the Astronomy Information Line at (306) 966-6429 for other information. Parking Info >>


Tours for school and community groups can be arranged for a prepaid fee of $60 on most Sunday – Friday evenings. Phone (306) 966-6393 to book a tour. If you would like to arrange a special tour or wish any additional information on any astronomical question, phone Stan Shadick at (306) 966-6434 during office hours or email him - Check out the photo tour in the GALLERY >>


The observatory houses a 3 meter long refracting telescope with 6 inch diameter lens. On clear Saturday nights, staff will point the telescope at seasonal objects in the sky. Planets, nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, and even comets can be viewed at the right times of the year. On cloudy nights, staff present an educational slide show depicting objects in our solar system, galaxy, and beyond. The Observatory also features a small museum with a tour of our solar system. Exhibits also highlight the history and fundamentals of Astronomy, and there is even a display on black holes!

Star Adoption

Stars may be adopted at the U of S observatory by making a tax-deductible contribution payable to the University of Saskatchewan. Adoption rates depend upon the star’s apparent brightness and range in price from $50 to $1500. Your donation will help to purchase and maintain telescopes and facilities at the University of Saskatchewan and to hire personnel to conduct astronomy programs for the community. Please visit the observatory or the website for more details. MORE INFO >>



Observatory Hours

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