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Two Physics and Engineering Physics Students won Canadian Association of Physicists Prizes

Two graduate students from the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics received Prizes in this year's student competition at the Congress of the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP), which was held on June 7-11 at the University of Toronto.

Robin Kleiv, who is a PhD student in the group of Professor Tom Steele, received the First Prize in the Theoretical Physics competition for his presentation on "Mixing between Quark Mesons and Scalar Gluonium". Robin's research addresses the long standing question which scalar mesons in the spectrum of heavy (hadronic) particles are dominated by their gluon content. Gluons are particles which mediate interactions between quarks and ultimately generate nuclear forces.

Jason Sadowski, who is an MSc student under the supervision of Professor Kaori Tanaka, received the Second Prize from the Division of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics for his presentation on "Nanoscale Inhomogeneity in a Superconductor". Jason studies the impact of atomic scale inhomegeneities on properties of superconducting materials.

The panel of judges for the Division of Theoretical Physics was composed of faculty members from Bishop's University, Lethbridge, Simon Fraser University and the University of Regina. The judges for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics came from Guelph, Dalhousie, and St. Francis Xavier University.

Congratulations to Robin and Jason for their outstanding performances!

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