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Graduate Student Financial Support

Full financial support is available for well-qualified applicants. Financial support for graduate students in our department is provided by the combination of various scholarships and research grants from students' thesis supervisors. 

Additional scholarships for some targeted groups might be available from College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR). If you are accepted into our graduate program, details of financial support will be communicated to you by your thesis supervisor. 

Further information is available from Departmental Action Plan for Graduate Scholarships (see below). 

Academic Fees

College of Graduate Studies Fee Schedule (Link)

Scholarship Action Plan

  • Departmental guidelines and Action Plan (pdf) for devolved scholarship funds

Part-time Student Assistants

  • No current listing

Teaching Assistant (TA) Appointments

  • TA Assignment Sheet: (pdf/xls)
  • TA Application Form: (pdf/doc)


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