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Health and Safety

Division of Science Safery Management Policy and Procedure 

Physics Building Emergency Response Plan (PDF and Link

Physics Building Fire Emergency/Building Evacuation Plan (PDF)

Department of P&EP Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Handbook (PDF)

Department of P&EP Job Safety Analysis (JSA) & Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) (Link)

Office Ergonomics Guide (PDF)

Departmental Inspection Checklist (PDF)

Driver's Authorization Form (PDF)

Campus Observatory Local Emergency Response Plan (PDF)

College of Arts & Science Emergency Response Plans and Postings (Link)

UofS Electrical Safety Guideline for Non-electrical Workers (PDF)

Collegial Processes

Physics and Engineering Physics Criteria and Standards (for Promotion and Tenure)

Physics and Engineering Physics Criteria and Standards for Special Salary Increase

College Standards for Promotion and Tenure


Accountable Professional Expense Fund Claim Form and Guidelines

Travel Expense Claim Form and Guidelines

Tuition Waiver (Word or PDF)

TD1 Personal Tax Credits Return

TD1SK Saskatchewan Personal Tax Credits Return

TD2202A Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate

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Health and Safety