U of S Philosophy Club






Welcome to the website of the University of Saskatchewan Philosophy Course Union (PSU), also known as the Philosophy Club.

We are an association of undergraduate students with an interest in philosophy.  While most of the members are philosophy majors membership is not restricted, a genuine interest in philosophy is the only requirement.

The Club serves the interest of its members by providing a venue for philosophical discussion.  Student papers are regularly presented, specific articles or general philosophical topics are discussed, and participation in regional philosophical events is organized.  Social activities are also arranged, from movie nights to mixers with the philosophy profs.

We are also active contributors to the philosophical undergraduate community in Western Canada.  Yearly we attend the Prairie Provinces Undergraduate Philosophy Association (PPUPA) Conference.  We hosted the event in 2004 with great success and are happy to be hosting it again this year.  See the link for details.

The club meets every Thursday at 4pm during regular session.  Usually we meet in Arts 607 but sometimes at Louis'.  

For more information please contact David Penner at
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