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Literature Matters talk by Elyn Achtymichuk, PhD candidate, Dept of English

November 20, 2013

Literature Matters

Talks by members of the Department of English, University of Saskatchewan at
Grace-Westminster United Church

Please join us for the second talk in our 2013-2014 series:

"Rugged Elegance: The Legacy of the Cold War and Masculinity in the James Bond Franchise"

Elyn Achtymichuk
PhD Candidate, Department of English

Wednesday, November 20, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.

Social Hall, Grace-Westminster United Church, 505-10th St. East

 “Shaken, not stirred.”

Fleming's characterization of Bond is an attempt to rectify the lack of national and individual identity in the wake of the Cold War by creating a new ideal of masculinity. This new ideal does not need war or resources in order to exist, but reinvents violence and duty in the cold quiet aggression of Bond, who becomes a symbol for British masculinity. The films of the post-Cold War era (and especially post-9/11) espouse Bond as a paragon of Western masculinity in general; his "rugged elegance" is informed by renewed anxieties of the
loss of the global notion of "good" and "evil."

All Welcome

For more information, contact the Department of English University of Saskatchewan,
966-5486 or


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