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Department of Music Online Classes


Are you looking for an elective that suits your busy schedule? Our online music classes give you freedom from scheduled class attendance, and give you the ability to tackle your coursework when it is most convenient for you. Weekly quizzes can be completed any time during the week, and serve to keep you on track and moving forward. In-person finals can be arranged to be written anywhere in the world. Students can choose from MUS 101.3: The Fundamentals of Music or MUS 111.3: The History of Popular Music, or both.

* Both classes are offered during Fall, Winter and Summer sessions each year, and students can register for the classes via Paws, as you do with in-person classes.


The Fundamentals of Music: MUS 101.3

Have you always wanted to learn how to read music but don’t know where to start? Are you looking to brush up on your rudimentary theory knowledge in order to pursue higher-level music theory in MUS 133.3? Our online Fundamentals of Music class, fully updated as of Fall 2015, is the class for you!

Our easy to follow modules feature straightforward language, illustrations, multimedia, and sound clips to convey the basic concepts essential to understanding written music. Printable worksheets provide hands-on practice for increasingly complex music problem solving. Weekly video tutorials address student questions directly, and weekly online quizzes provide timely feedback on students’ progress and understanding.

The course features an online midterm and in-person final that can be written wherever in the world you are located. Successful completion of MUS 101.3 allows students to pursue further music theory courses in the Department of Music. Previous training in music is not required!

The History of Popular Music: MUS 111.3

What do the Civil War, The Beat Generation, MTV, and Black Lives Matter all have in common? They all significantly impacted the history of popular music in North America.

This interactive, chronological survey course challenges students to consider the historical events, key artists, and defining genres that led to the broad range of styles and sounds we call “popular music” today. Students will be asked to think critically about, and listen critically to, significant popular music from the 19th century through to present day. Assignments range from thought-provoking blog posts, to concert reviews, to larger, more in-depth papers on significant bands and artists.

Fully updated as of Fall 2016, MUS 111 features a textbook available in hard copy or online versions, weekly online quizzes to assess listening and understanding, and an in-person final that can be written wherever in the world you are located! Previous training in music is not required.

*These courses may fulfill open elective, unrestricted elective, Fine Arts, or Humanities requirements, depending on your college. Please consult a program advisor in your college for more details.