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Math Readiness

Are you planning to take mathematics at the university level?

Math Readiness can help you...

  • if it's been a while since your last grade twelve math class
  • if you obtained a mark under 80% in grade twelve math (especially if you are planning to enter a science or engineering program)
  • if you feel that you could benefit from a refresher course in math topics that are used in university programmes in the sciences, engineering, or commerce.

At this non-credit math review, you'll learn specific skills (such as solving exponential equations), but we'll also focus on more general abilities, such as being able to understand mathematical writing and being able to express ideas in mathematical notation.

You'll review:

  • algebraic skills
  • functions
  • graphing
  • geometry
  • trigonometric functions
  • exponential and logarithmic functions

and more.

We'll help you figure out how to solve mathematical problems - how problems can be analyzed, types of approaches to different problems, and verifying the correctness of solutions. These skills are useful in any university-level science or math course.

Please note that most students benefit from taking Math Readiness before taking a course in calculus.

Anyone may register for the Math Readiness course, not just University of Saskatchewan students.

Course Content Information

Please visit the Math Readiness Course Content page for further information about the mathematical topics covered in Math Readiness.

Three Types of Courses

Math Readiness Summer Course (Summer Camp)

This is an intense review of mathematical topics to help students prepare themselves for first-year university mathematics. During the summer course, we'll help new university students get comfortable with the university environment, like the lecture format, which is used by most university instructors. Each short "math readiness" lesson will be given as a lecture, followed by a problem session. During the problem session, you'll work with other students in small groups with the guidance of senior class assistants.

This course takes place during two weeks in August, starting at 8:30am daily, with an hour or so for lunch.

In addition to the math classes, students who want to will be able to tour the campus to help acquaint themselves with the University of Saskatchewan. And students will have enough free time for other activities, such as familiarizing themselves with the city, or just relaxing.

Dates: August 18 - 29, 2014

Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Fee: $300.00 (includes materials)

Our flyer (containing a registration form) is available here: Math Readiness flyer. If you are unable to print the flyer, please contact the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education at 306-966-5539 or e-mail us at For more information contact Holly Fraser by email at or by phone 306-966-2742. 

Please register by phone if you are registering after August 1. Space is limited, so we encourage you to register early (before the end of July).

To register by phone, call the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education's registration office at 966-5539.

Math Readiness Evening Courses

These courses are offered during the fall and winter terms of the University's Regular Session, provided there is sufficient interest. In past evening courses, students have met for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, or on Monday and Wednesday evenings, for approximately 10 weeks.

Dates: September 23 - November 27, 2014

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Fee: $300.00

Online Math Readiness Course

If you are interested in registering for the online Math Readiness course, please contact Holly Fraser at



For more information about the content of the programs phone (306) 966-2742 or e-mail us at

For more information about administrative questions, phone (306) 966-1739 or the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education's Registration Office at (306) 966-5539 or e-mail us at

To print a copy of our flyer containing a registration form, download the following PDF file: Math Readiness Flyer

To register phone the Centre for Continuing and Distance Education registration office at (306) 966-5539.

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