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The Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies is one of nine departments staffed by the Administrative Support Group

Students seeking general administrative information or forms for class overrides, pre-requisite waivers etc. should direct their inquiries to the Office Coordinator for Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies. Class override forms can also be picked up at this location, or online. Once they have been filled out and signed by the instructor, they should be left with the Office Coordinator who will ensure that they are signed by the Department Head and properly processed.

Students applying for tutorial positions can also pick up the necessary forms in ARTS 523 and submit them to the Office Coordinator once they have been filled out.

All general inquiries should be directed to:

Administrative Graduate Student inquiries can be directed to:

Carla Schulz
Room 523, Arts Building
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK  S7N 5A5

Phone: 306.966.4215
Fax: 306.966.5782

Office Hours: 8:30am- 4:30pm, M-F