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Comparative Literature

Comparative Literature is the study of the literatures of various countries in their relationship to one another and to their global historical context. Studies in Comparative Literature can encompass a vast interdisciplinary sphere of intellectual inquiry into the relationship of these literatures to other areas of knowledge in the Humanities, Fine Arts and Social Sciences, such as the Arts, Philosophy, History, Psychology, Sociology, Politics etc. On the one hand, it is the comparison of one literature with another or others but it is also the study of a comparison between literatures and other areas of human study and inquiry.

The study of Comparative Literature is global, transnational and inter-cultural in nature and emphasizes the importance of language, literature, and culture in humanity’s endeavour to understand the human condition. Due to the interdisciplinary and multi-national lens through which it studies its subject matter, it is a field of inquiry which has enormous potential to lead to greater global consciousness and sensitivity to the diversity and nature of cultures and the differences and similarities in their codes, languages, literatures and artistic expression. Contemporary studies in Comparative Literature emphasize a post-colonialist perspective through study of theory and may also compare literary texts to the narratives, artistic works and cultural manifestations of other media and domains such as film, theory, translation, photography, women and gender studies etc.