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French MA

The Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies offers an M.A. in French. Such a program may be of interest to our French undergraduate students for a number of reasons such as the following:

  • A Master’s degree is usually required for entry into a doctoral or Ph.D. program in most Canadian universities. One of its objectives is therefore to prepare students for a doctoral degree.
  • A Master’s degree can also help future, new and experienced teachers of French to broaden and deepen their knowledge of French grammar and francophone literature and cultures. It gives them an opportunity to make the transition into teaching or to refine their instructional skills.
  • A Master’s degree can provide teachers with advancement and increased salary opportunities. Educators who hold a Masters’ degree might pursue later careers as school administrators or educational policy planners for Saskatchewan’s French, Public, and Catholic School Boards.
  • Graduate students may be offered positions as teaching or research assistants to professors of French who are recipients of research grants, and their work may lead to collaboration on joint publications. Those professors will become their mentors and will help them to become successful members of the French Studies research community.
  • A Master’s degree may provide students with a background useful to other career paths such as: translation, Canadian and international politics, journalism, communications, education, or professional positions with international companies, to name only a few.

French undergraduate students who are interested in further information on our French M.A. program should consult the information provided for Graduates on our web site.