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Languages in the Community

Saskatoon is a city rich in multiculturalism where many different languages are spoken in a diverse array of ethnic communities. The presence of the communities who speak languages other than English becomes obvious during Saskatoon’s summer Folkfest where many ethnic communities showcase their culture through danse, music, food and visual displays. However, these communities carry on their various activities throughout the year and the French, German, Spanish and Ukrainian languages are spoken in many of the cultural yearly events celebrated by these communities at various times of the year as well as in the daily lives of the adults and children who have shared these cultural heritages throughout many generations.

The faculty members of the Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies are active participants in various aspects of the local cultural activities and events associated with the languages which they teach. They encourage students to participate in these events which can range from film festivals to theatrical events, concerts, film nights, danse lessons or weekly gatherings. Please consult each language tab for the various activities, groups, schools and associations linked to each language.

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

French in the Community

Saskatoon is fortunate to have a very engaged and dynamic French community which has long been very active in organizing many cultural French activities as well as in advocating for the preservation of French in the city and province and for education provided in French at all levels. This community organizes many cultural activities where French is spoken such as the Troupe du Jour’s theatrical plays (with English “surtitres” or sub titles), writing workshops, conferences, research groups, public lectures by invited speakers, dances, concerts and other artistic performance events, places for weekly social gatherings for francophones as well as annual festivities such as the St. Jean Baptiste at the end of June or its participation in Saskatoon’s Folkfest, a yearly summer celebration of the city’s multiculturalism.

Saskatchewan’s French communities have long been committed to the preservation of French in the province and fought successfully for their own French School Board (Conseil des Écoles Fransaskoises) which has now been in existence for over 20 years. Through the work of these committed French citizens, Saskatoon parents whose heritage language is French can now send their children to the École Canadienne-Française in Saskatoon where all education is provided in French. Given that their young children have often grown up in an environment where English is the norm, Saskatoon parents with a French heritage can now also better prepare their young children for their elementary school years in French by sending them to a French child daycare center, Centre Éducatif Félix le Chat, located at the École Canadienne-Française at 1407, Albert Ave., Saskatoon. A French High School Program has also been developed to allow students to continue their education in French from grades 9 to 12 at the Pavillon Gustave-Dubois, 2320 Louise Ave. SK

French is alive and well in Saskatoon through the effort of many groups and organizations as listed below.

Visit and join our Facebook Open Group of French at U of S where members share all things of interest in French!

Local Groups & Associations

The Cercle français

The Cercle français is made up of University of Saskatchewan French students who meet to organize student activities in French. Its past activities have included:

  • theatre productions by Unithéâtre
  • French lunch hour gatherings in Room ARTS 47
  • French movie nights
  • French “Frog Crawl” pub nights
  • participation in events organized by various local francophone groups and associations as listed below such as the Fédération des francophones de Saskatoon (FFS) or the Association jeunesse fransaskoise (AJF) such as evening outings, the Fête Fransaskoise in July or ski trips to Banff in the winter. For further information on the activities of these groups seen the list of links below.
  • Further information on the FFS’s activities and role in the community can be found on their website at
  • For further information about the activities of the AJF, consult their website at

La Fédération des francophones de Saskatoon (FFS)

The Saskatoon Federation of Francophones or Fédération des francophones de Saskatoon (FFS) is responsible for organizing, overseeing and conducting all activities in French in the city of Saskatoon. Further information on their activities can be found on their website at
Every Friday from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. the Francophone community of Saskatoon welcomes everyone to its weekly “5 à 7” happy hour at:

Le Rendez-vous (formerly Le Relais)
103-308 4th Ave. N.
Saskatoon, SK

The FFS also organizes concerts, a Halloween & Christmas party, the Winter Carnival, the Cinergie Francophone Film Festival in April, St-Jean-Baptiste day in July and the French pavilion at Folkfest.

To obtain the Saskatoon francophone community’s calendar of events, please call 306-653-7440, visit Le Rendez-vous, or consult the following links:

or direct your questions to:

In conjunction with the Assemblée communautaire fransaskoise (ACF) , the Association des parents fransaskois (APF) and the Fédération provinciale des Fransaskoises (FPF) , the FFS organizes the Rendez-vous de la francophonie in March, where you can take part in activities promoting French in the community. For a list of activities, please consult .

L’Association Jeunesse Fransaskoise (AJF)

The Sasktachewan French Youth Association or Association Jeunesse Fransaskoise (AJF) organizes and conducts activities geared to Saskatoon’s young francophones. The AJF also offers young francophones and francophiles aged between 19 and 25 the chance to do volunteer work and take courses and workshops in French.For further information on their calendar of events and activities, please consult their website at


The ACFASis the Canadian Francophone Association for Knowledge which has group members in every province and university cities, including Saskatchewan and Saskatoon. It organizes conferences and guest speakers from Le Forum du Savoir and other groups as well as cultural events such as traditional cooking competitions. ACFAS offers prizes to students who present an oral presentation of their research as part of one of its knowledge-sharing projects. For more information about the Saskatchewan ACFAS and its activities, please consult the following University of Saskatchewan ACFAS website at:

Education in French in Saskatoon

Le Conseil des Écoles Fransaskoises

Parents of children at the pre-school, elementary or high school level who are seeking information about education in French in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan should consult the Saskatchewan French School Board’s website at:

The following contacts may also be useful to French parents in the Saskatoon area.

French Day Care Center – Centre Éducatif Félix le Chat

1407 Albert Ave.
SK S7H 5R8
(306) 653-8535

École Canadienne-Française (grades K to 8)

1407 Albert Ave.
SK. S7H 5R8
Tél. : (306)  653-8498   Téléc. / Fax: (306) 653-8496

École Canadienne-Française – Pavillon Gustave-Dubois (grades 9 to 12)

2320, avenue Louise
Saskatoon (SK) S7J 3M7
Tél. : (306)  955-3983   Téléc. : (306) 955-3986

Saskatoon French School / l'École Française de Saskatoon

1441 Wellington Street
Saskatoon, SK, Canada    
S7M 1L3
Phone: 306-659-7490
Fax: 306-659-2152

French Private Tutors:

Individuals seeking French tutors for private lessons should contact the French section Coordinator & Advisor at the Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultural Studies or Kathy Swann at the HUMFA (Humanities and Fine Arts) Administrative Commons for a list of current potential French instructors.

L’Alliance Francaise

440 2 Avenue North 210,
Saskatoon SK S7K 2C3
Phone Number: (306) 653-7440

Canadian Parents for French (CPF) 

CPF Saskatoon Chapter
2nd Avenue North, 303-115
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 2B1
Tel: (306) 244-6151 or 1 (800) 561-6151
Fax: (306) 244-8872

CPF Saskatchewan Branch
2nd Avenue North, 303-115
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 2B1
Tel: (306) 244-6151 or 1 (800) 561-6151
Fax: (306) 244-8872

French Books

Libraries and Book Lending Centers

The Murray Library at the University of Saskatchewan has an extensive collection of books, journals and reference works in French available to its students and faculty. The Saskatchewan public library branches also has a limited number of books in French. Please consult library holdings at:

If you would like to borrow novels or textbooks written in French, you may also contact Le Lien , the Fransaskois centre for cultural and teaching resources and virtual library, which serves Francophones in Western Canada. Le Lien offers books, films on DVD and VHS, and music and audio-visual material to the public. If you borrow books from Le Lien , shipping costs are free; there are shipping fees for DVDs and cassettes.

For more information, please contact: 1-800-663-5436 or and for a list of available books or materials, visit Le Lien is located at 308-1 st Ave, P.O. Box 989, Gravelbourg (Saskatchewan) S0H 1X0.

French Bookstores

If you would like to purchase French books or DVDs please contact the Bouquinerie Gravel, also located in Gravelbourg, at 308-1 st Ave, P.O. Box 989, Gravelbourg (Saskatchewan) S0H 1X0 or call 306-648-3156.

The Bouquinerie Gravelpresents annual book fairs at the École canadienne-française de Saskatoon Elementary School, 1407 Albert Avenue, phone 306-653-8498, and at the Pavillon Gustave–DuboisHigh School, 2320 Louise Avenue, phone 306- 955-3983. To find out the dates of these book fairs, telephone either the Bouquinerie Gravel or contact the École canadienne-française de Saskatoonat .

French Entertainment in Saskatoon

La Troupe du Jour

La Troupe du Jour is Saskatoon’s nationally acclaimed French theatre company which has operated in Saskatoon since 1986 and produces high quality theatrical productions, some of which are written by the Saskatoon community of writers. Their theatrical productions are accessible to the English community through a subtitle system projected above the stage. Its yearly theatrical season offers a diverse program of theatrical productions in French. La Troupe du Jour invites members of the local francophone community to audition in August for their fall community production. La Troupe du Jour’s theatre is located at 914 20th Str. W. Saskatoon, SK, S7M 0Y4. For more information, call 306 244-1040 or consult their website at:


L’Unithéâtre was founded in 1970 and is the University’s French venue for theatrical productions. Professors of French play an important role in the production of French and French-Canadian plays for l’Unithéâtre. If you would like to perform in a French play, please let your professors know.

French cinema

The Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon was built in the summer of 1930 and offers a wide range of foreign films with English subtitles, including French movies, in its regular programming. Its programming regularly features award-winning and independent films of high quality. It is located at 320 20th Ave. W. Saskatoon.

The Broadway Theatre of Saskatoon, built in 1946, is also a repertoire theatre which frequently features foreign and independent films. It is located at 715 Broadway Ave, Saskatoon.

French radio

French TV and cable channels in Saskatoon

  • Radio-Canada Saskatchewan (Channel 13, Shaw Cable 2, SaskTel Max 270)
  • Canal D (SaskTel 261, Shaw 904)
  • Canal Évasion (Shaw 902)
  • Canal Vie (SaskTel 262)
  • Canal Z (Shaw 903)
  • Historia (Shaw 900)
  • RDI (SaskTel 273, Shaw 114)
  • RDS Sports (SaskTel 116, Shaw 905)
  • Series + (SaskTel 263, Shaw 901)
  • Teletoon Fr (SaskTel 264)
  • TVA Montreal (SaskTel 271, Shaw 115)
  • TV5 (SaskTel 272, Shaw 116)
  • V (SaskTel 260)
  • Vrak (SaskTel 265)
  • CPAC-French (SaskTel 274, Shaw 910)

French Fine Cuisine

Ayden’s Kitchen & Bar
265 3rd Ave. S.
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 1M3
306 954-2950

Truffles Bistro & Patisserie
230 21 St. E.
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 0B7
306 373-7779


German in the Community

Umbrella Organization in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan German Council Inc.

510 Cynthia Street
Saskatoon, SK S7L 7K7

Wir sprechen Deutsch und Englisch / We speak German and English

Phone: (306) 975-0845
Fax: (306) 242-8007

Founded in 1984, the Saskatchewan German Council is a registered volunteer-based, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the heritage, culture and interests of Saskatchewan people of German-speaking backgrounds. The Council plays an active role in building provincial multiculturalism and the Canadian mosaic.

The Council is a member of SaskCulture, under whose umbrella it receives Lottery funding and access to the vibrant cultural community of Saskatchewan. The Council also holds an associate membership in the German-Canadian Congress.

Membership in the Council is open to any organization or individual, regardless of background, who agrees to abide by the SGC constitution and policies.

The Council’s Head Office in Saskatoon is staffed with an Executive Director and an Administrative Assistant.


For different funding and sponsorship opportunities please visit:

SGC Scholarships:

There are scholarships awarded by the Saskatchewan German Council to U of S students who apply. Please visit the university’s website for more information:


The Postillion is the Council’s quarterly newsletter. It contains a variety of information on our community of people of German-speaking backgrounds. Furthermore, the newsletter has a member section, containing reports and articles from many SGC member groups. 

To view, please visit:

German Groups in Saskatoon

CFCR Community Radio Society of Saskatoon Inc.

Treffpunkt Deutschland (Fridays, 1pm to 2pm) /Classical Connection (every 2nd Sunday, 1pm to 3pm)

Sigrid Kirmse
Phone: 374-6831

Concordia Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein

Amanda Marien
Phone: 249-0108

Concordia Alpenrose Junior Dancers
Brenda Booker
Phone: 306-373-7973

Concordia Brass Band

Arnold Back
Phone: 382-3616

German Cultural Centre (German Canadian Club Concordia)

The German Canadian Club Concordia was founded in 1957 by Eugen P. Boensch and a handful of immigrants who were willing to serve as directors of the Club. The members socialized at several venues all over Saskatoon until the present location was purchased. After enthusiastic volunteers had completely renovated the old “Chicken Inn” the Concordia Club opened its doors in 1968.

Phone: 244-6869

German Junior Folk Dancers

“Keeping alive the tradition of German folk dancing and represent the German culture at multicultural festivals in and around Saskatoon. To research the rich and varied culture of our homeland and present lesser known Trachten (traditional dress) and dances from all areas in Germany (which has so much more to offer than Lederhosen and beer!).” 

Barbara Stehwien
Phone: 373-7047               

German Language School Saskatoon Inc.

Currently the school offers several children and adult classes at Aden Bowman Collegiate in Saskatoon.

Classes start at the beginning of September and run until the first week of May and include:
- Children level age 5-13
- High School credit classes for grades 10, 11 and 12
- Adult beginner, intermediate and advanced classes
- Conversation class

Gabi Harrison
Phone: 306-382-8158      

Hansel & Gretel Preschool Inc.

Hansel & Gretel Preschool offers a unique program for young children. The program's mission is to tap into children's natural curiosity for languages. It is based on current research showing that early exposure of young children to a foreign language and culture increases social awareness and significantly improves a child's listening, communication, and memorization skills.

Ulrike Hecker       
Phone: 306-651-0436      

Kochlöffel & Nudelholz: German-Canadian Koch- und Backstudio

Classes take place once a month and are located at the German Cultural Centre at 160 Cartwright Street East, Saskatoon

The fee per class is $15.00. The number of participants is limited so that you can enjoy preparing the dishes hands on and get the attention you may need. The classes are about promoting and sharing Germanic food culture in the prairies.  

Franziska Davies
Phone: 306-292-2117

Saskatoon German Days

Dr. Michael Oelck
Phone: (306) 491-4912

SKAT Club Saskatoon

“Skat is right at home in SaSKAToon. The Skat Club was founded in 1969. The first club champion was Hermann Schnackenberg. The club has twice hosted the North-American Skat Championship in Saskatoon. A team of four Saskatoon Players, Werner Röwekamp, Hans-Jürgen Steinmentz, Willi Halt and Wilfried Eckl won the title of Canadian Skat Champion in 1990 in Montreal. Skat Club members have been participating at European and World Championships since 1992.

Siegfried Fahr
Phone: 306-652-0790 

Saskatchewan German Council Assistance Fund

A registered charity through the Saskatchewan German Council that includes a language award for high school students

Saskatchewan German Council
Phone (306) 975-0845

Volksliederchor “Concordia”

Margot Hasner
Phone: 306-653-0799

Looking for books to read in German?

  • The Murray Library at the University of Saskatchewan has a small collection of books in German available to its students and faculty. To search their collection visit their website:
  •  The Saskatchewan public library branches also have a limited number of books in German.
  • Or contact the Saskatchewan German Council for information on their library or visit their website:


Spanish in the Community

Salsa/Latin Dance Lessons

Carmen Gonza - Director
Danza Morena Latin Dance Academy
(306) 491-9866
Saskatoon, SK 

Restaurant and Salsa Lessons (Friday Night)

EE Burritos, Authentic Latin American Cuisine

102 Avenue P S.,
Saskatoon, SK
(22nd Street and Avenue P)

Central America & Mexico Pavilion

During Folkfest, in the second week of August, you can enjoy Latin American Foods, music and culture, or volunteer at the Central America & Mexico Pavilion. 

Contact the Folkfest Office at 306 931-0100 or consult the Saskatoon Folkfest website at:

Círculo Hispánico

Join the Círculo Hispánico de Saskatoon and attend its bi-monthy social and cultural meetings. Please contact Marina Preciado, tel. 306 374 0386 for membership information, or Saúl Marín at

Club Hispánico

Club Hispánico at the U of S organizes movie nights during the school year. You can get involved with the Club Hispánico by organizing it and registering it as a University Club. In the past, Club Hispanico has organized parties, movie nights and conversation circles. 


Ukrainian in the Community

Many residents of Saskatoon are of Ukrainian ancestry and the contribution of Ukrainian to the region’s cultural life cannot be overestimated and is yearly showcased at folkfest where Ukrainian dances and food are among the most popular attractions of this yearly event.

For further information on all things Ukrainian in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan, please consult the following website:

Saskatchewan was the first province in Canada to implement many initiatives or “firsts” in the area of Ukrainian Education. This impressive history is showcased in the following document: